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Susanne Madsen

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An expert in Leadership and Organisational Culture who can give you the right tools to motivate and empower your teams

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With passion for helping organisations achieve results through leadership and authenticity, speaker Susanne Madsen travels the world with her practical and inspiring keynotes. Susanne specializes in project management, innovation, motivation and organisational culture.

Why you should book speaker Susanne Madsen

  • Susanne is an internationally recognized expert in project management leadership. She has written two books on the subject which both have been praised by professionals who refer to them as “must-haves” and “management masterpiece”.
  • As a qualified coach, Susanne helps people change their mindsets and overcome their professional challenges. Her analytical approach allows her to understand you and your organisation and help you reach your personal and professional goals.
  • Susanne has real world experience and has seen what a difference the right leadership tools can make. Before becoming a full-time coach and speaker, she worked as senior manager at companies like Citigroup and Standard Bank where she was responsible for carrying out global projects.

In 2008, keynote speaker Susanne Madsen had a bit of an epiphany. She had experienced the power of coaching and discovered what a difference she was able to make in her work by knowing how to empower and motivate her teams. She also realized that project managers need better leadership. There is a natural ability for project managers
to focus on tasks and processes, but many lack the ability to lead and engage with their teams. Susanne made it her goal to help businesses around the world create better leaders and thereby reach goals with high-performance employees and motivated teams!

As a speaker Susanne Madsen has been called engaging, practical and thought-provoking. She offers keynotes, workshops, coaching and consulting, and she always brings the newest knowledge and keeps up-to-date on important topics.

See keynotes with Susanne Madsen

    Keynote by speaker Susanne Madsen

    The Power of Project Leadership: How to drive organizational strategy by focusing on vision, collaboration and innovation

    • For managers to deliver value to their stakeholder and consistently produce better performance, they must be able to bridge the gap between strategy and execution, handle ambiguity, navigate risk, innovate, gain stakeholder buy-in and empower their teams to deliver the expected outcomes.
    • Based on her book, The Power of Project Leadership, Susanne talks about the 7 keys that enable leaders of projects to step up and increase competitive advantage. In particular she explores how to lead with vision, overcome resistance to change, continuously improve and innovate, understand psychology and give space for people to contribute with all of their strengths.

    Keynote by speaker Susanne Madsen

    How to deal with Stress and Avoid Burnout: Lean to increase your resilience and operate within your zone of peak performance

    • In this heartfelt talk Susanne shares her personal story of how her body became infested with stress to the point where she could barely walk. After 10 successful years in a high-pressure financial environment she was forced to slow down and make important changes in her work and life. She learnt to set boundaries, manage her mind and leave work behind in the evening and during weekends.
    • This talk serves as a wake up call to stressed out employees and provides them with practical tips and insights that help them get back on track and work within their zone of peak performance.

    Keynote by speaker Susanne Madsen

    Leading high performing teams: How vulnerability, inclusion and psychological safety can help you create a highly effective team

    • In this talk speaker Susanne Madsen draws on personal experiences and research from her latest book to speak about high performing teams and the steps involved in creating one. Although great teams are the backbone of competitive and innovative organizations, too few managers understand that it takes conscious effort to create one.
    • Susanne explores research from HBR and Google and shows that there is a link between high performance and vulnerability, psychological safety, constructive conflict and the ability to communicate about behaviors and emotions. This keynote is an absolute must for any leaders.
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