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Carl Honoré

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Leader of the Slow Movement

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Keynote speaker Carl Honoré is the world’s go-to expert on the surprising benefits of slowing down. His TED talk has been viewed 2.6 million times. Carl's powerful, entertaining keynotes show how the right amount of SLOW can boost leadership, creativity, productivity, empathy, health and happiness.

To achieve peak performance in a fast world, you have to slow down – Carl Honoré

Described by the Wall Street Journal as “an in-demand spokesman on slowness,” Carl travels the world to deliver keynotes that put time and tempo in a whole new light. His talks are dynamic, inspiring, informative and full of humour, and his audiences range from business leaders, entrepreneurs and sales professionals to teachers, academics and medical practitioners.

In his global bestseller, In Praise of Slow, Carl chronicles the global trend toward putting on the brakes in everything from work to parenting. The Financial Times said it was “to the Slow Movement what Das Kapital is to communism.” His second book, Under Pressure, explores how to raise children in a fast world and was hailed by Time as a “gospel of the Slow Parenting movement.” Carl’s latest book, The Slow Fix, shows how to tackle complex problems in every walk of life. Translated into more than 35 languages, his books have landed on bestseller lists in many countries.

Carl starred in BBC Radio 4’s The Slow Coach, in which he helped frazzled, over-scheduled people slow down. He also presented a television show called Frantic Family Rescue on Australia’s ABC 1.

Carl is an advisor to Jack Media, which makes messaging apps, and sits on the Board of Trustees of Hewitt School in New York City.

Huffington Post called Carl “the godfather of the Slow movement.” Newsweek described him as “an international spokesman for the concept of leisure.” ABC TV News called him “the unofficial godfather of a growing cultural shift toward slowing down.” CBC Sunday Edition said Carl is ”inarguably the world’s leading evangelist for what has become known as the Slow Movement.”

Carl’s first language is English, but he also presents in French, Spanish and Portuguese (and sometimes Italian).

See keynotes with Carl Honoré

    Keynote by Speaker Carl Honoré 

    Slow Wins The Race

    Faster is not always better – even in the workplace. In this keynote, Carl shows how to find the right pace at work in order to:

    • Lead, think, focus and innovate better
    • Win and retain customers and clients
    • Build strong teams
    • Find real and lasting solutions to problems
    • Simplify what seems complex
    • Get more done – in less time!

    Keynote by Speaker Carl Honoré 

    The Slow Fix: Solving problems properly

    Many problems we face today are too complex for quick-fix solutions. By spending time with the best thinkers and innovators, Carl has built a superior problem-solving recipe called the Slow Fix. In this keynote, he shows how to:

    • Learn from mistakes
    • Lead and motivate your team
    • Find and tackle the root of any problem
    • Harness ideas from everywhere
    • Embrace uncertainty

    Keynote by Speaker Carl Honoré 

    The Power of Slow: Unleashing your inner tortoise

    When every moment is a race against the clock, we rush through life instead of living it. Slowing down can make us happier and healthier as well as more efficient, creative and productive. In this talk, Carl shows how to harness the power of SLOW to:

    • Sharpen your focus and boost your creativity
    • Build empathy and become a better leader
    • Achieve peak performance
    • Boost health and happiness
    • Get more done – in less time!

    Keynote by Speaker Carl Honoré 

    Slow Parenting: Raising Children in a Fast World

    Children need to strive and struggle, but without turning childhood into a race to perfection. “Slow Parenting” means letting kids explore the world on their own terms, which is how they learn to think, invent and socialise. In this keynote, Carl shows how to:

    • Keep technology in its place at home
    • Find time to be together as a family
    • Deal with pressure from school and peers
    • Build resilience, creativity and a growth mindset
    • Turn the family home into an oasis of calm and connection


Carl was great. He was easy to partner with. He ensured that he understood the context of the event to be able to deliver to it. He was able to engage the audience in his speech and was approachable for the audience members to talk to him post the event and get his ideas/ perspectives

Nikunj Upadhyay

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