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Workplace Exercise Speakers

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Speakers about workplace exercise (5)

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Leanne Hainsby

Elevate your team's wellness journey with Leanne Hainsby, former pro dancer turned motivational fitness guru. Leading the way in wellness, fitness, and empowerment.

travels from UK

Embark on a journey of transformation with Leanne Hainsby, a true symbol of resilience. With a background as a celebrated professional dancer and a courageous fighter against breast cancer, Leanne epitomizes empowerment. Delve into her inspiring...


Stefan Hyttfors

Join Stefan Hyttfors, the fearless explorer of change. His remarkable journey from photojournalism to leadership empowers organizations to embrace the unknown and seize opportunities.

travels from Sweden

Discover a visionary speaker who defies conventional paths and embraces the unknown. Stefan Hyttfors, a fearless explorer, traded photojournalism for leadership, inspiring transformation in individuals and organizations. Join him on...


Tom Morley

Following his time in the music business with the 80s band Scritti Politti Tom has developed a truly artistic way of living where every experience leads him to the humorous uncovering of some universal truth.

travels from UK

He turns his disasters and successes into stand-up comedy for conference audiences. 40 years onstage, first behind a drum kit then being the multi-talented front man for whole troupes of performers earned him the name ‘The Rhythmic...


Bobby Whisnand

Wellness expert motivating organizations and individuals to have the heart of a champion in engaging keynotes

travels from USA

Bobby Whisnand is a professional speaker, life coach, and 11-time author with a diverse background in wellness, counseling, behavioral therapy, sports, and sales. Bobby has used his multi-faceted experience to deliver highly energetic and moving...


Carl Honoré

Leader of the Slow Movement focusing on slowing down to boost performance, creativity, health and leadership

travels from UK

Slow Wins The Race Keynote speaker Carl Honoré is the world’s go-to expert on the surprising benefits of slowing down. His TED talk has been viewed 2.6 million times. Carl's powerful, entertaining keynotes show how the right amount of SLOW...

Workplace Exercise
Workplace Exercise
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Taunton School

About Workplace Exercise

  • Most of us know that exercise is a good thing, but not all of us do very much about it – good intentions often remain just that; intentions.   
  • Finding the time needed for exercising can be difficult for many people which is why workplaces sometimes offer exercise programmes.
  • Some workplaces have a gym or training facilities or maybe employee activities such as running, strength training, football, handball, badminton, etc.
  • Keynote speakers on workplace exercise take a closer look at different types of exercise. How does one get started and what works?
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