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Bernardo Moya

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Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, Publisher, TV Producer & Seminar Promoter helping to develop The Best You

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Speaker Bernardo Moya is one of the biggest names in Personal Development. With a great knowledge of how to run a business, create products, network effectively and reach goals, Bernardo can take you to the next level. As the Founder of The Best You, he is also vastly experienced in organising, promoting and running large events. Bernardo can give you the right tools to enhance your personal and professional lives.

Why you should book speaker Bernardo Moya

  • Bernardo is a guru of Event Organisation. He frequently organises the largest personal and professional development exhibition in the world – with 25.000 visitors and over 500 exhibitors.
  • As the CEO of several companies, Bernardo has a vast knowledge of running a successful business. He can offer you solid Personal and Professional Development solutions – tailored to your needs.

Bernardo knows how to organise an event. With three Best of You EXPO’s already held in London and one in California, he is responsible for arranging the largest Professional Development exhibition in the world. With his vast expertise, Bernardo can help you with creating, promoting and running events  all over the world.

As Chief Inspirational Officer and Founder of The Best You, speaker Bernardo Moya is the true Personal Development authority. He provides his clients with personal mentoring and coaching services, tailored to their needs. With great expertise of running a business, Bernardo can show you how to create new products, motivate yourself, network and stay on track to reach your goals.

His presentations always light up the stage. From Networking to Building a Global Brand, Bernardo offers a variety of topics to any audience. As the CEO of NLP Life Training, speaker Bernardo Moya can also teach his clients the key Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques for Personal and Professional Development. He is able to reach diverse audiences as he is a native speaker of both English and Spanish.

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Keynote by speaker Bernardo Moya

Happiness Hacks: How to be the Best You!

  • Based on more than ten years of research in the personal development and self-help world, Bernardo Moya unpacks and shows the different elements that lead to true happiness.
  • Drawing also on insights from leading psychologists and change experts, Bernardo reveals how happiness isn’t a thing, it’s the result of a numerous choices and behaviour. You will learn how to get the best in your life, personally, professionally and on a global
Keynote by speaker Bernardo Moya

R You Successful? – 3 Great Traits to Master (Resilience, Revolution & Reinvention)

  • Bestselling author and speaker Bernardo Moya reveals the habits of mind shared by successful people everywhere.
  • Drawing this keynote speech from his book The Question, Bernardo reveals how
    successful people have mastery of The New Three Rs – Resilience, Revolution &
    Reinvention. He then shows you how to use them to have mastery over your own life.
Keynote by speaker Bernardo Moya

How to Stop Reacting and Start Acting

  • One trait of successful people in business, sports, politics and life is the ability to stay
    focused, clear and in charge of their reactions, even when the pressure is causing others
    to react unthinkingly.
  • Speaker Bernardo Moya draws on personal experiences in some of the most challenging business conditions in this keynote to show you how you can stay centered and unwavering even in the heart of the storm. You get to dictate events, not be dictated to.
Keynote by speaker Bernardo Moya

What Drives You – 5 Questions to Ask Yourself

  • With more than a decade working at the very peak of the Personal Development world, speaker Bernardo Moya has amassed a deep insight into the motivations and drives that help
    people succeed, and about the destructive effects of ignoring them to stay on the safe treadmill.
  • In this keynote speech, Bernardo will show you how you will only find true motivation when you connect to your deepest passions to find your true purpose.
Keynote by speaker Bernardo Moya

10 Tips to Have a Positive Impact on the World

  • Many people act in the world only thinking about what they can get from it. Yet, author
    and personal development expert Bernardo shows how thinking with the benefit for all in mind enriches your world even more.
  •  In this keynote speech, speaker Bernardo Moya reveals how it’s easy to make the world a better place – it just takes a change in thinking, awareness of the good you can do – and a plan to do it.
Keynote by speaker Bernardo Moya

7 Steps to a Successful Mindset

  • Success comes as much from your attitude as your business skills. That’s why business people and entrepreneurs don’t always come from the business school background.
  • Author, event organiser guru, self-help specialist and speaker Bernardo Moya reveals 7 elements central to success and show you how your success mindset will take your to the place of your greatest ambitions.
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See keynotes with Bernardo Moya
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