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John Dabrowski

International Speaker, Author and Mental Resilience Expert
Country: UK

Keynote speaker John Dabrowski is a published Author, International speaker and Global Expert on Mental resilience. With over 30 years in the business world, John is can take his vast experience and combine it with remarkable ability to make personal growth simple. He has an infectious enthusiasm and energy which can easily inspire an audience and makes a highly sought after personal growth expert.

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John Dabrowski started his career playing professional basketball and for England in the Commonwealth Games and still holds the British record for most points scored in one match at 98 points. He then went on to be a top performing Premier League Basketball club manager for the Manchester Giants. John then went on to become a high achieving radio sales manager and an Award-winning agency director in the advertising and marketing world.

As a qualified NLP practitioner and coach, John has a particular gift for teaching visualisation and inner voice techniques which access the subconscious to help create the future people really want. John has personally used these techniques to great effect in both his sporting and business career.

Through his Mental Resilience series of keynotes, seminars and masterclasses, John equips audiences with the tools and secrets to develop their businesses, their own management skills and achieve immediate success and growth in both their professional and personal lives.

    Keynote by Speaker John Dabrowski

    Mental Resilience Masterclass

    • Learn how to perform well and feel more positive in any pressure situation.
    • Discover a powerful technique to build lasting inner confidence at work and socially.
    • Learn how high achievers benefit from the ‘Five Key Pillars of Mental Resilience’
    • Learn a technique to quickly change from a negative to a positive mindset.
    • Discover a way to visualize the outcome you want in any situation.
    • Bring more focus to your life and find a healthy work/life balance.
    • Learn the technique of mindfulness to free yourself from unnecessary worrying.
    • Discover a way to increase and maintain energy levels and practice techniques to help you manage stress.
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