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Dr. Julia Shaw

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Get to know more about the secrets of our memory with Psychological Scientist Dr. Julia Shaw

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Speaker Dr. Julia Shaw is an established psychological scientist at University College London (UCL). She is an expert in the areas of memory, criminal psychology, and diversity in the workplace. As the co-founder of the start-up Spot, Julia empowers organisations to build more inclusive work environments. Her keynotes on memory hacking, AI and workplace harassment captivate all audiences. Julia is also an expert on legal cases, particularly those with historical allegations.

Julia was born in Germany and grew up in Canada. After receiving her doctorate in legal psychology, she became a researcher at University College London (UCL) in the area of memory, AI and legal psychology.

She is committed to build more respectful and inclusive working environments. As the co-founder of the memory science and artificial intelligence start-up Spot, speaker Julia Shaw helps employees report discrimination and workplace harassment. She is committed to build more respectful and inclusive working environments.

As a keynote speaker Dr. Julia Shaw captivates audiences all over the world. She regularly presents on the topics of tackling workplace harassment, memory hacking and artificial intelligence. Her work often appears on TV, radio, online and in print: Julia is also regular contributor to Psychology Today and Scientific American. Her first book “The Memory Illusion” was an international bestseller that appeared in 20 languages, and her second book “Evil: The Science Behind Humanity’s Dark Side” became an international bestseller in 2019.

Julia’s keynotes are truly inspiring and they will change your perception on memories and humanity’s dark side. She is available for presentations both in German and English.

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Keynote by speaker Dr. Julia Shaw

Making Evil – The Curious Science Behind Cybercrime, Moral Blindness, and False Memories

  • In this keynote, speaker Julia Shaw explores the darker side of tech. She discusses the ways in which criminology and psychology help us understand cybercrime, how business structures hide our humanity, and how misinformation can turn into false memories. She forces us to think about how Facebook curates peoples’ reality, and the tremendous responsibility that comes with this privilege. 
  • This thought-provoking talk also encourages us to think deeper about our morality, and how we can use tech and social media to help overcome some of humanity’s greatest threats.
Keynote by speaker Dr. Julia Shaw

The Future of Memory

  • Can artificial intelligence contribute to how we remember our lives? In this keynote, speaker Dr. Julia Shaw introduces her latest cutting-edge research on how to remember any life event forever. Based on artificial intelligence and the latest cognitive science, Julia shows the audience how to go from a human brain to an artificial brain.
  • Can memory be hacked? Is it possible to download or upload our memories? Technology is tremendously influential in our possibilities to document our lives and remember our memories. With new technologies, new ways of manipulating memories also emerged. Speaker Dr. Julia Shaw will show the audience how to protect themselves with the right tools. Join Julia to be both terrified and astonished by the future that awaits!
Keynote by speaker Dr. Julia Shaw

Upgrade Your Workplace Culture

  • How should we talk about discrimination and harassment at the workplace? Is it possible to encourage a culture of discourage? According to the research by speaker Dr. Julia Shaw, anonymous reporting is the key to tackle workplace discrimination and harassment. She designed this presentation to show any audience the latest scientific research on the matter. Julia will specifically focus on solutions to improve how we report and deal with this issue.
  • Julia will explain the best ways to preserve and extract emotional memories in a reliable way. It is tremendously important to talk about transgressions: to decrease barriers to reporting, she will show you the best reporting practices based on the latest research.
Keynote by speaker Dr. Julia Shaw

The Memory Illusion

  • Speaker Dr. Julia Shaw offers this keynote do demystify memory and reveal a system which is far more flawed than we might think. She will challenge our sense of self and show the beauty of our brain’s imperfections. Memory is more than what we think of it: it allows us to learn, be creative and solve problems.
  • In this talk, Julia will explore why memories paint an inaccurate picture of our past and the strategies to avoid common memory illusions. She leaves the audience with insightful takeaways and an important existential question: how can we know who we are, if we cannot trust our memories?
Keynote by speaker Dr. Julia Shaw

Making Evil – The Science Behind Humanity's Dark Side

  • Are you evil? This keynote by Dr. Julia Shaw is a fascinating exploration of why we do and think about doing bad things. She will show in her presentation how to use to our advantage the same dispositions that make us capable of committing horrendous crimes.
  • How similar is your brain to a psychopath’s? Who becomes a terrorist? Can AI be evil? Julia’s presentation is an amazing journey into a fascinating subject. To break down these important and timely issues, she utilizes a mixture of compelling science, popular culture and real life examples.
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“It was a pleasure working with A-Speakers and Dr. Julia Shaw for A1 Bulgaria’s internal event. The team of the bureau managed to fulfill our requests in a timely and professional manner, supporting us on every step of the organization. Dr. Julia grabbed the attention of the audience from the start and made the experience engaging and memorable for all participants, providing interesting insights and food for thought in terms of how memory works and how it could be improved. Overall, it was a very successful collaboration for us.”

Biliana Drajeva, Internal Communications Manager

A1 Bulgaria EAD
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