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World-renowned BASE jumper, skydiver & solo climber.

Steph Davis

travels from USA

Steph's personal-empowerment talks revolve around her life experiences to those people who are looking to discover their ability to be free and pursue dreams in their respective fields of endeavor.

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Combining words, still images, and videos in telling her story, Steph presents all those amazing feats as merely new ways that helped her discover and conquer fears. This American icon is known to have raised the bar in climbing by pushing the limits. She is famous for repeatedly climbing the El Cap, a 915-meter granite wall. In 2007, Steph decided to add base-jumping and skydiving to her already challenging free-climbing style. In so doing, she realized that she could achieve freedom and the ability to excel in all environments and fields by testing the limits of her fear.

Why Book Steph Davis?

  • She is a true life superhero with a rare ability to climb up mountains and fly off them fearlessly. By putting to test the limits of her own fear, she discovered that she could achieve quite amazing goals. Her story and speeches can only be inspirational.
  • Steph’s story resonates with most people who desire to do something but fear keeps holding them back. She demonstrates that fear is an obstacle that can be conquered.
  • Men’s Journal named her one of the most adventurous women of the past quarter a century.

It must be remembered that Steph holds a Master’s degree in literature and is a classically trained pianist. She also had to drop out of law school to focus on full-time climbing. Besides climbing El Cap, she is credited with several other stunning climbs, including the ascent of Concepcion, located just near her home in the Utah desert, US (she did it three times).

Combining all her activities, Steph became the first person to free-solo the North Face of Mount Castleton, a route very few people have dared to follow. In her own words, Steph considers base-jumping, big-wall climbing, and free-soloing as merely different routes to a common goal: learning how to overcome fear to realize ultimate freedom.

Today, Steph Davis translates her personal experiences into public speaking tours in order to help people transcend their doubts and fears in order to discover their potential. She understands that by doing this, people can achieve what may otherwise be perceived as impossible. She is an author too, with Learning to Fly and High Infatuation being some of her well-received memoirs. On top of all her achievements, Steph is an active blogger, educator, vegan recipe wizard, and of course, a professional speaker.

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Keynote topic by Steph Davis

Lessons from the Edge

Change – Risk – Fear   Problems to avoid? Or compelling challenges that will push you to step over the edge and fly? A shift in mindset can lead your team to embrace adversity,  welcome change, and rise to the next level.  By learning to meet challenge with strategy and choosing to step forward into the unknown, we can all face our own edge with confidence and excitement.

Pushing past the edge is what Steph Davis does on a daily basis—she climbs the highest peaks and flies off them in a squirrel suit.

From an unlikely start as a classical piano student, Steph shares her story of following a simple passion for climbing rocks to becoming an icon in the extreme sports world. Steph has pushed the limits of climbing and flying for over 3 decades by combining a mindset of huge vision with a strategic approach to risk management. Her message of taking on challenge with humility, focus and determination is accompanied by jaw-dropping photos and video that will take your team out of the conference room and to the highest peaks around the world, and will inspire them to rethink their own vision of what it means to stand at the edge.

Format: Steph’s keynote presentation is 50 minutes, with option for Q&A, with breathtaking videos and images.

Keynote topic by Steph Davis

Learning to Fly - Lessons from the air TO FLY

In today’s ever changing world, businesses and individuals are faced with a constant stream of information, choices and change. The traditional pathways to success are also changing, as are perceptions of risk, sustainability and achievement.

Extreme experiences are a compelling metaphor for life and work. Steph speaks on the lessons she’s learned in the mountains and in the air as a professional climber and wingsuit pilot, and in choosing a highly nontraditional career path.

The audience will take away Steph’s tools for:

  • Managing change.
  • Embracing failure.
  • Understanding risk and fear.
  • Cultivating adaptability.
  • Preparing for opportunity.

Audiences are encouraged to view their own challenges through a new lens, recognizing the power of adversity and evolution, and the value of crafting an uncommon life.

Format: Steph’s keynote presentation is 50 minutes and illustrated with breathtaking videos and slides plus 15 minutes for open Q & A with the audience. Steph also offers a 20 minute Ted-length presentation.

Keynote topic by Steph Davis

Further keynote topics

Presentations can be adapted for focus on the following themes:

Collaborating With Fear
Getting comfortable with being uncomfortable: learning to rename fear and use it to move forward.

Extreme Risk Management
Lessons from the most high commitment sports: free solo climbing and wingsuit BASE jumping: how you can manage risk, deal with loss and embrace growth through discipline and calculated risk.

Going From Impossible to Possible
Learning to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses with honesty in order to go to the next level when the time is right. Achieve huge goals, step by step, through assessment, preparation, training and mental attitude.

Change and Transformation
Why you need crisis: how to adapt to it, how to rename it and how to grow from it.

Plant Based Power
How a whole foods diet took my climbing to the next level and how you can improve your health and your athletic and professional performance.

Personal Sustainability
Create a foundation of inner strength and balance through small, daily choices that have a ripple effect on your community, relationships and personal happiness.

Watch Steph Davis in action!

Vegan Rock Climber & Adventurer - Steph Davis

Watch Steph Davis in action!

Choosing to fly | Steph Davis | TEDxBoulder

Watch Steph Davis in action!

Steph Davis: Stepping Over the Edge | Outside

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Keynote topics with Steph Davis