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Speakers about climbing (12)

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Darren Edwards

Darren Edwards: Record-breaking adventurer, motivates with resilience and determination. Inspiring organizations to conquer adversity and achieve greatness.

travels from UK

Unlock Your Organization's Potential with Darren Edwards: A master of resilience and inspiration, Darren delivers captivating keynotes that empower teams to conquer adversity, embrace change, and achieve greatness. Elevate your event with his...


Paul Niel

Offering lectures about following your dreams, Paul Niel enthrals audiences with stories about his exploration adventures across the globe. Pointing out similarities between extreme exploration and life in the business world, he inspires audiences to achieve.

travels from Hong Kong, Portugal

For more than two decades, he has undertaken expeditions to all corners of the globe, from Antarctica to the deserts of Mongolia, from the jungles of Central Africa to the Himalayas. He has used drones to search for dinosaur fossils, employed...


Steph Davis

Steph's personal-empowerment talks revolve around her life experiences to those people who are looking to discover their ability to be free and pursue dreams in their respective fields of endeavor.

travels from USA

Combining words, still images, and videos in telling her story, Steph presents all those amazing feats as merely new ways that helped her discover and conquer fears. This American icon is known to have raised the bar in climbing by pushing the...


Alain Robert

Alain Robert is a world-renowned free climber and uses his own setbacks to deliver keynote speeches on determination, motivation, and goal setting.

travels from France, Indonesia

French Spiderman is one of the most famous men on earth. His legendary feats, climbing 200 of the worlds tallest skyscrapers "with his bare hands" have brought him celebrity status in every...


Kenton Cool

One of the world’s leading high-altitude climbers, an avid adventurer, a mountaineer, and a highly engaging and inspiring speaker.

travels from UK

Kenton holds the record for non-Sherpa summits of Everest, having summited the world’s highest mountain an astonishing 16 times. He has climbed extensively all over the world – establishing new routes and first ascents on peaks in Alaska, Europe...


Daniel Bull

As a widely known adventurer Daniel has become an expert in being resilient, positive, and achieving the biggest goals. Daniel teaches his audience how to build an unstoppable mindset and how to thrive in the toughest environments.

travels from Australia, UK

Daniel Bull is a 3x Guinness World Record-breaking adventurer, 1% for the Planet Advocate and award-winning keynote speaker who triggers a lasting impact. He delivers practical take-aways learnt from over 2 decades of not just surviving but thriving...


Bear Grylls

Bear Grylls is a renowned British adventurer, whose experiences have taught him how to overcome any adversity. With a wealth of fascinating stories, he empowers his audience to succeed in challenging times.

travels from UK

When it comes to outdoor adventure and survival challenges, Bear Grylls is undoubtedly the most recognized personality worldwide. Having spent three years in the British Special Forces he has acquired the necessary skills to overcome adversity. Now...


Araceli Segarra

Climber, author, alpinist and inspiring keynote speaker

travels from Spain

Speaker Araceli Segarra is an alpinist, author, model, television and radio presenter, and star of the IMAX documentary “Everest.” In 1996, she famously participated on the rescue team for the Mount Everest disaster, one of the worst tragedies...


Sean Swarner

Two-time cancer survivor, author of the book "Keep climbing" and the first cancer survivor to climb Mount Everest.

travels from USA

Sean Swarner, a renowned adventurer and cancer survivor, delivers captivating speeches that inspire resilience, determination, and a winning mindset. With his extraordinary achievements and remarkable journey, Sean will leave your audience motivated...


Ed Viesturs

America's leading mountaineer who has ascended Mount Everest seven times and is known as the “ultimate climbing machine”

travels from USA

Keynote speaker Ed Viesturs is America's leading high altitude mountaineer, having climbed many of the world's most challenging summits, including ascending Mount Everest seven times. He is the only American and one of only five people to climb the...


Cathy O’Dowd

Global adventurer best-known for being the first woman to climb Mount Everest from both south and north sides

travels from Andorra

Keynote speaker Cathy O'Dowd is the first woman to climb Everest from both south and north sides. She has stood on the slopes of the world’s highest mountain four times, reaching its summit...


Adrian Hayes

Polar explorer and adventurer, business coach, campaigner and author advising companies on leadership and performance

travels from UK, USA

Speaker Adrian Hayes is an adventurer turned into an exceptional keynote speaker. He is a global expert in team development, communication, goal setting, risk, resilience, and sustainability. He is also a former British Army Gurkha officer with a...

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About Climbing

  • The highest peak on Earth is located in the Himalayas. Its peak is no less than 8,848 metres above sea level. The road to the summit of the great Everest is not always easy, and many trials and complications will meet climbers on the way. The blistering cold, the high altitude and the enduring conditions all create challenges for those who wish to reach the top of the world’s highest mountain.
  • Our keynote speakers in the field of climbing all have in common that they have taken the challenge of reaching the top of Everest. In their own unique way they have taken the risk and set of on an exhibition of a lifetime. Some more than once, others with a life threatening illness and also simply men and female from around the world.
  • Mount Everest attracts both highly experienced mountaineers as well as capable climbers who are willing to hire professional guides. While the majority of climbers will use bottled oxygen in order to reach the top, some climbers have summited Everest without supplemental oxygen.
  • Keynote speakers that have endured this experience are able to speak to audiences on how to navigate through challenging circumstances and how teamwork and leadership can benefit in several aspects of life. The keynotes are inspiring and motivating and can make businesses and organizations more aware of the power of setting goals and helps empower them to achieve these goals.
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