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Engaging keynotes on the importance of EI in leadership and well-being


Anita Sauvage

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Expert and coach on emotional intelligence and leadership development helping businesses increase their success

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Engaging keynote speaker Anita Sauvage, MSc, has 2 decades of experience in communications, organizational development and coaching. She teaches emotional intelligence to help leaders, health professionals and artists alike understand and gain control over their emotions and thereby increase their professional and personal successes.

What makes Anita a sought after speaker amongst health professionals, leaders and creatives alike?

Emotional intelligence (EI).

Speaker Anita Sauvage’s interest in emotional intelligence began while she was working for the National Health Service. Here, she was in charge of coaching senior managers on Learning and Development and Organizational Development best practices, and she also worked with health professionals, helping them develop leadership skills. As a leader, it is vital that your emotions are in check. This can be hard when dealing with emotionally stressful situations. By developing their emotional intelligence skills, Anita helped nurses develop the ability to lead calmly even in stressful situations. It was here that Anita recognized how important emotional intelligence is for leadership and well-being.

Driven by her passion for helping others, Anita became an emotional intelligence expert.
Not only is speaker Anita Sauvage a BarOn EQ-i 2.0 (scientifically validated Emotional Intelligence assessment) and EQ-i 360 certified coach, she is also an Action Learning Set certified Trainer and Facilitator, a Stephen Covey 7 Habits of Highly Effective People® accredited facilitator and a 16PF (Personality Factors) certified practitioner.

Bicultural and charismatic, Anita is a truly engaging presenter. Her expertise and genuine love for public speaking make speaker Anita Sauvage popular among colleges, health boards and businesses.

See keynotes with Anita Sauvage

    Speaker Anita Sauvage Keynote Topics

    • Authentic leadership

    Be a better leader by learning to manage your (and others’) emotions! Entrepreneurs and leaders alike can benefit from increasing their emotional talent (EI).

    • Dealing with change & managing conflict

    Increase EI in teams to strengthen relationships in times of change.

    • Be a better caretaker

    Using EI to increase Nurses’ perception and understanding of the patient’s emotions, as well as to manage challenging situations.

    • Women in leadership positions

    Learn to use your emotions to your advantage.

    • Artists

    Improve your self-confidence, creativity and interpersonal skills by gaining control of your emotions.

    • Be a better you

    Enhance your self-motivation. Gain better communication skills.

    • Customer service

    Serve your customers better through emotional self-awareness.

    • Employee engagement

    Invest in the emotional well-being of your employees.

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Keynote topics with Anita Sauvage