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Peter Sage

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Expert in human behaviour and international serial entrepreneur who will help you reinvent your life and business

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An expert in human behaviour, leadership and motivation, speaker Peter Sage brings valuable knowledge and amazing energy to his audiences across the world. Peter is a well-known public speaker and serial entrepreneur who inspires and motivates people and businesses to go the extra mile, reinvent themselves and succeed.

Why you should book speaker Peter Sage

  • Peter has been helping organizations and businesses reach success for over 25 years as a entrepreneur and trainer. His experience speaks for itself and shines through on stage where he, without fail, always delivers dynamic and entertaining keynotes.
  • Having been an international business leader of several companies, Peter draws on his own experience and discoverings when talking about leadership, teamwork and overcoming adversities. He has helped create over 20 businesses in 15 different industries and is therefore able to help solve the most complicated challenges and issues.
  • Peter Sage has learned from the best. He is a qualified trainer for Robbins Research International (also known as the Robbins-Madness Institute) and has worked with the renowned life guru Tony Robbins for 15 years.

Peter Sage is an expert on leadership, time management, teamwork and much more. As a motivational and inspirational speaker, he continues to change the lives of many people while delivering eye-opening and provocative keynotes globally. Peter has shared the stage with some extremely impactful people, including Bill Clinton and Richard Branson. Besides being a keynote speaker Peter Sage is also a master trainer, entrepreneur, businessman and bestselling author. His newest book The Inside Track was sold out from three suppliers in 11 hours and made it to the bestseller list in just two hours.

As a speaker Peter Sage is dynamic and inspirational. He has a passion for speaking and seeing the change in people’s eyes as they listen to his incredible and unique points about living a better and more productive life. Peter is a top-rated speaker and continues to get incredible feedback while being voted speaker of the event again and again. Peter speaks on several topics and is able to customize the format to fit your event. Whether you’re looking for a workshop, after-dinner talk or 45 minute keynote, Peter will not disappoint. Below are examples of some of his most popular topics.

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    Keynote by speaker Peter Sage


    • In this raw and inspiring keynote, Peter explains what leadership is really about. A word, term and discipline with so many understandings and interpretations, Peter breaks it down for his audience.
    • The audience will understand the true meaning of leadership and as a result become better leaders! Peter gives his honest opinion of management theories and shows why leadership doesn’t have anything to do with authority or amount of followers while using great metaphors and examples from real-life.

    Keynote by speaker Peter Sage

    How to Have the Perfect Day

    • In this extremely popular and entertaining keynote, Peter Sage shares his secret to having a perfect day! This keynote is a clever and inspiring talk that uses humour with a serious message which empowers the audience with new thoughts, ideas, and strategies on how to turn everyday into a ‘perfect’ day.
    • This keynote is perfect for all ages and backgrounds and was voted the best opening address at the World Fitness Convention, Sydney, Australia. With a powerful and dramatic ending, this keynote will resonate in the minds of the audience for a long time.

    Keynote by speaker Peter Sage

    Escaping the Prison of your Mind

    • This empowering keynote is based on Peter’s best-selling book, The Inside Track, and is a true game-changer in understanding and overcoming challenges. A captivating keynote that will transform your relationship to adversity and show you how to overcome and grow.

    Keynote by speaker Peter Sage

    Time Management

    • Time management continues to be a challenge and issue for many businesspeople across the world. What makes it so hard? In this keynote, Peter explains why time management rarely is realistic. The audience will see time management in a new light and their relationship to time will change for the better, which ultimately will lead to less stress and increased productivity.

    Keynote by speaker Peter Sage

    Game Day on Demand

    • In a competitive industry, bringing your A-game every single day is a must. However, it often leads to high-pressure cultures and stressed employees. In this powerful talk, Peter delivers tools and motivation to the audience which will leave them feeling more empowered and ready to give it their best.
    • This keynote is for anyone who works in a high-performance environment whether that’s in the boardroom, at sales meetings or the playing field. Peter provides his audience with solid confidence and eliminates fear and uncertainty.
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