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Tracey Jones

Tremendous Tracey - Leadership with a kick
Country: USA

Our keynot speaker Tracey Jones pushes her audiences to positive change through witty and down to earth talks. Tracey’s journey of lifelong learning has provided her with nearly four decades of leadership experience in fields such as the military and publishing. These experiences have provided her with the knowledge needed to create leadership strategies with immediate positive results.

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Tracey Jones connects on a core level with her audience as she presents leadership strategies in an engaging way. Through her nearly 4 decades of experiences, she has developed organizational leadership strategies that can be applied for immediate results. Her talks are full of personality, blending professional development strategies with real world solidarity.

Tracey Jones firmly believes that a lifelong commitment to learning develops positivity and resilience, two traits which are greatly needed in the workplace. Her personal journey of lifelong learning is quite exciting in itself. Tracey Jones graduated from the Air Force Academy, has spent 12 years as an officer in the United States Air Force, another 10 with corporate leaders, and had a stint as a Project Manager with the National Security Agency (NSA). Despite already holding an MBA in Global Management, she is pursuing a doctoral degree in Philosophy of Leadership.

Tracey’s tremendous legacy could be said to have begun when her father founded Executive Books in 1965 with the goal of changing the world one book at a time. By combining her own expertise with her father’s legacy, she has created Tremendous Leadership, a one-stop-shop for truly Tremendous leadership, training and motivation to help you raise the bar on your life, business and career. Tracey Jones’ belief that philanthropy and community engagement are at the heart of leadership has meant that the profits of Tracey’s Tremendous Leadership support The Tremendous Trust which has donated over $1.3 million in donations locally and globally since Tracey took the reins of her father’s company in 2009.

Besides being in the publishing industry, Tracey Jones is an author herself. Her latest book “A Message to Millenials: What Your Parents Didn’t Teach You and Your Employer Needs You to Know” is a great resource for mentoring, onboarding or developing new personnel, and a great read across generational divides.

    Speaker Tracey Jones Keynote Topics

    • Ethics and Excellence
    • Loving your Work
    • Managing Millenials
    • Leadership Development
    • Leading Change
    • Collaborative Teambuilding
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