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Bruce Weinstein

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Speaker Bruce Weinstein is the ultimate expert of business ethics. As the CEO of the Institute of High-Character Leadership, Bruce works closely with organizations such as RS&H, The Home Depot and the National Football League to help them always do the right thing. His engaging presentations are a true inspiration to strengthen the ethical culture of a company.

To succeed as a business, it is essential to have high-character leadership. Speaker Bruce Weinstein works closely with organizations to help them do the right thing. As an expert with a background of philosophy and bioethics, Bruce frequently appears on television networks such as NBC, ABC and CNN to discuss ethical issues in business. He is the CEO of the Institute for High-Character Leadership, inspiring businesses to strengthen their ethical cultures.

Speaker Bruce Weinstein is the true Ethics Guy – the indisputable expert of ethics, leadership & character. As the author of the book The Good Ones, he can show any leader how to hire loyal, honest and accountable people to the organization. His second book Ethical Intelligence tells the five principles of making the right decision every time – speaker BruceWeinstein will show the organization how to put the principles into practice.

As an engaging person, speaker Bruce Weinstein delivers practical and beneficial presentations. He shares personal stories of employees whose courage and honesty highly improved an ethical culture of an organization. Furthermore, to help the audience memorizing the valuable information, speaker Bruce Weinstein introduces creative exercises to the keynote. Attendees really like him as he is always well-prepared and approaches the topic with a great sense of humor.

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    Keynote by Speaker Bruce Weinstein


    • This keynote is perfect for sales leaders, senior managers and HR executives and hiring managers at all levels. Bruce shares inspiring true stories about how important honesty, courage and accountability are for a successful organization. During this captivating keynote, Bruce is also showing the organization how to hire the right people, fitting the values of the company.

    Keynote by Speaker Bruce Weinstein


    • Having both emotional and ethical intelligence are fundamental characteristics of a great leader. This keynote has been designed to help leaders understanding the difference between emotional intelligence and ethical intelligence. To enhance professional relationships and effectiveness, speaker Bruce Weinstein shows how to apply the five principles of ethical intelligence. Perfect for groups who want to present ethics in a refreshingly engaging and entertaining way.

    Keynote by Speaker Bruce Weinstein


    • Bruce designed this presentation for compliance and ethics departments to help them avoid the three most common mistakes they usually make. He will ensure that the organization establishes an effective ethics and compliance plan – knowing the right way the approach the issue.
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