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Mike Sarraille

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Mike Sarraille is a retired U.S. Navy SEAL officer, best-selling author, and leadership expert. He is the founder and CEO of Talent War Group and co-founder of Legacy Expeditions.

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Mike Sarraille is a globally recognized leadership and organizational culture subject matter expert, best-selling author, keynote speaker, and entrepreneur. He earned his Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from Texas A&M University and his MBA from the McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas. Mike is a retired U.S. Navy SEAL officer and former enlisted Recon Marine, with extensive combat experience and numerous awards, including the Silver Star and six Bronze Stars for Valor. He is the founder and CEO of Talent War Group and co-founder of Legacy Expeditions.

Why you should book Mike Sarraille for your next event

  • As a retired U.S. Navy SEAL officer with extensive combat experience, Mike brings a unique perspective on leadership and teamwork that is unparalleled. He has also successfully translated his military leadership experience into the business world, making him a valuable resource for any organization.
  • Mike’s thrilling journey through the highs and lows of building and leading high-performing, elite teams is a captivating and inspiring story that will resonate with any audience.
  • His presentations can be customized to meet the specific needs and goals of your organization. Whether you’re looking to improve leadership, build a high-performing team, or create a positive organizational culture, Mike can tailor his presentation to provide the most value to your audience.

Mike Sarraille is a globally recognized leadership and organizational culture subject matter expert, best-selling author, keynote speaker, and entrepreneur. He earned his Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Texas A&M University and his MBA from the McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas.

Mike’s extensive military background includes being a retired U.S. Navy SEAL officer, former enlisted Recon Marine, and Scout-Sniper. He completed Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL (BUD/S) Training and served in SEAL Team THREE, leading historic combat operations during the Battle of Ramadi in 2006 and the Battle of Sadr City in 2008.

After leaving the military, Mike founded Talent War Group, a Leadership Development & Executive Search firm, and co-founded Legacy Expeditions, an extreme adventure firm that recently set 4 x world records for skydiving all seven continents in 6 days, 6 hours, and 6 minutes.

Mike is the co-author of the best-selling book, “The Talent War: How Special Operations and Great Organizations Win on Talent,” and author of the recently released book, “The Everyday Warrior: A No-Hack Practical Approach to Life.” He is also the founder of the Men’s Journal Everyday Warrior initiative to inspire greatness through a practical, no-frills approach to living a more fulfilling and purpose-driven life.

Mike’s presentations are a captivating and inspiring journey through the highs and lows of building and leading high-performing, elite teams, offering practical insights that can positively impact leadership development, talent acquisition, talent management, organizational culture, teamwork, overcoming adversity, accountability, and more.

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Keynote by Mike Sarraille

The Everyday Warrior: A no-hack, practical approach to living a more fulfilling, purpose-driven life

We all seek to live a life of impact and continual growth and learning. Mike will walk you through this powerful concept employed by high-performers – the everyday warrior mindset – a practical, no-quit mentality that’ll help you overcome life’s challenges and come out healthier – physically, mentally, more knowledgeable, and resilient. It’s about leading fulfilling lives, despite where you start or where you are at, focusing on what you can control, ignoring what you can’t, and positively impacting those around you. The adoption of these mindsets and guiding principles will put you and your team on a path to living an impactful and ever evolving life.

Keynote by Mike Sarraille

The Talent War: How special operations & great organizations win on talent

Based on the best-selling book, The Talent War: How Special Operations and Great Companies Win on Talent. After twenty years of experience as a US Navy SEAL, including the Joint Special Operations Command, Mike’s ability to define and recognize elite talent is beyond comparison.

In The Talent War, Mike teams up with business executive George Randle to translate the US Special Operations community’s ability to select and train raw talent into methods for use within the corporate world. In this talk, he explains how your team can make the shift from hiring skills to hiring character to build a deep bench of talent. To build the strongest team, you must recognize the best talent. To build a winning team, you must then develop and manage your talent. Let Mike guide you to hire better people and build an elite team capable of taking on any challenge in any environment.

Keynote by Mike Sarraille

The Legacy of Leadership: How to secure your legacy while driving performance & organizational results

Mike’s leadership skills were developed by a series of world-class mentors he served for and forged through his vast combat experience as a special operations leader at the Tier One level. Mike’s speech reinforces the core leadership principles and mindsets required to secure victory, even in the worst of conditions.

Mike defines the role of true leadership and the legacy every leader wishes to leave behind. He will touch on leadership development, how to build high-performance teams, cultures defined by trust and vulnerability, risk mitigation, and performing in high-stress situation. The keynote speech will leave a lasting impression that will inspire your people to take action and LEAD.

Keynote by Mike Sarraille

How special operations & great organizations build cultures of continual leadership development

Peter Drucker once said, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” Well, behavior eats culture for lunch. Our culture is ultimately determined not by what we say, but what we do, especially when no one is looking. Mike will talk about converting an organization’s espoused values into day-to-day behavior through continual leadership development and setting the example through vulnerability to foster trust and a sense of shared adversity across all levels of an organization.

Bring your team together to be a steadfast unit defined by trust, all leading to the creation of the only culture that matters – a culture of decentralized command.

Keynote by Mike Sarraille

Resilience: Overcoming your toughest enemy

Whether you’re fighting in a war or amid an early-stage start-up, we all have a common enemy – ourselves. During his military and business career, Mike learned there is no greater enemy than ourselves. Overcoming the doubts in our minds or continual setbacks is the key to resilience and fortitude. There will always be external factors, like a client’s hesitation or an encroaching deadline, but your reaction determines the outcome.

Mike will show your team how to harness their individual willpower to champion any adversity, learn, and come back stronger than ever.

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Cleared Hot Episode 239 - Mike Sarraille

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We were so honored to have Mike speak at our Sales Kickoff. Indeed, there was so much demand for the event that we made it available to the entire company and saw excellent attendance cross-functionally. Mike conveyed to our teams the importance of putting the success of the mission before the success of self. He taught us how important it is to hire for character and train for skill - a truism we would all do well to remember despite today’s competitive and fast-paced job market that can tempt us to act otherwise. He also reminded us that we are not truly leaders until our people say we are - and that being a leader is all about enabling the success of our people.

Caroline Tarpey

Vice President of Sales at Kazoo

The Gettysburg Staff Ride with Mike and his team left an indelible impression. It highlighted the depth of leadership abs sacrifice at those hallowed grounds; showed what Union and freedom cost; and reminded us that internecine conflict can be as vicious and destructive as war between nations. But more to the point, the Walk served as a reminder of Faulkner’s adage, “The past is never dead. It’s not even past.” As we walked from station to station and made decisions — hypothetical ones — with the same information available to battlefield leaders, we realized that those leaders in the summer of 1863 were fallible, sometimes heroic, often wrong. In short, just like us. The immediacy of the place reached across the long chasm of history; and the presence of the leadership instructors — guiding, Illuminating, empathizing with a hard-earned authenticity — drove the lessons home in a way that a self-guided walk never could. A required experience for anyone who wants to better understand our history, and the connection of that history to contemporary leadership.

Michael Pereira

Chief Executive Officer of HPC Specialty Pharmacy

Mike came to our department and gave a training presentation on resiliency and leadership. Our department has tragically lost four officers in the past 18 months, and Mike’s message on resiliency hit home. It was the perfect message to a group still struggling with the loss of teammates. His presentation on leadership was the best I have ever seen. His ability to communicate to all levels of a team is simply outstanding. Everyone walked out of the training inspired and with new tools for resiliency and leadership at all levels. Awesome training. We have already had many requests to bring him back to our department.

Lieutenant Michael O'Neal

Louisville Metro Police Department

Majestic has had Mike speak to our senior leadership (as well as our clients) on several occasions. Most of our discussions focus on leadership and ownership, that is ownership of yourself and your responsibilities. Mike brings a passion and knowledge to these subject that radiates the room and translates to team being engaged and inspired in the discussions and post-meeting. His ability to communicate his experiences and principles in leadership and ownership, translate in a very real and actionable way. It provided our team with a very clear mirror in which to review our actions by, so the sessions continue to give benefit well past any session. In my 25 years of leadership, I have not participated in more effective sessions that translate reflection and action then the sessions with Mike.

Scott Byers

President & CEO of Majestic Kitchen + Bath

Mike came to speak to a Community of Practice at Intel exploring the topic of teamwork and leadership development. The discussion he led was impactful and hit on a number of relevant topics for a company like ours. We need to compete to retain, develop, engage and inspire our people and Mike provided accessible and practical ideas for us to do that. He displayed the highest level of preparation and professionalism. All attendees during the discussion provided positive feedback and said it was one of the most valuable speakers we have hosted here at Intel. We would like to have Mike back and as he is a strong advocate for the role of technology companies in the American and global economy, he is welcome here any time. We appreciated Mike’s experience and perspectives – great talk!

Noah Rabinowitz

Chief Learning Officer and VP of Human Resources | INTEL

We have worked with Mike in both a classroom setting with many employees and a one on one setting with key managers and I can honestly say it was some of the best leadership and management training me or my employees have received. I have never had so many employees come up and thank me for providing training as I did when Mike came. He gave us all tools on how to properly deal with people and situations in the best way by taking the emotions out of it and making the best decision for all the stakeholders involved. The training and motivation he provided was invaluable and we will continue to use him into the future!

Wade Hoak

Vice President of Family PowerSports

Mike's ability to distill complex military strategy and business concepts into one singular message that impacts everyone in an organization from the operational to the executive tiers of leadership is unparalleled. He conveys information passionately due to his unwavering commitment to the message along with the confidence gained only from the daily application of the principles and strategies he shares. Attending a speaking engagement with Mike was a discussion amongst a diverse group of leaders in business and transitioning SOF Leaders, not as a lecture, but a collaborative panel discussion focused on solving problems and delivering results. Mike's proven leadership on the battlefield and in the business world is unique, but his ability to synthesize the two and communicate the lessons learned effectively while eliciting experiences from the group truly sets Mike and the TWG apart.

Keith Johnson

Founder of IEW

Michael Sarraille visited ACV's Leadership Team at the end of 2021 and spoke about the importance of self-reflection. One of THE most important takeaways for me and my team was/is After Action Reviews (sincere reflection on what went right, what went wrong, and what we can do better). It's becoming a part of our culture and adding tremendous value to the organization. Thank you, TWG.

Mike Harris

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