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Matt Whiat

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Matt Whiat is a respected expert in leadership who formerly worked in the U.S Air Force and was a co-founder of the Chapman & Co. Leadership institute.

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A former U.S Airforce officer, Matt Whiat draws on his over 20 years of experience in leadership to deliver talks and offer guidance on changing the culture of workplaces for the better. Matt is passionate about creating people-centred workplace cultures, allowing everyone to feel valued and respected when they come to work. Alongside his work co-founding Chapman & Co. Leadership institute and in the Airforce, Matt has worked with the UN where he assisted with bringing peace to Libya and has also worked alongside NATO partners and at the Pentagon.  

Why you should book Matt Whiat for your next event

  • Matt is a world renowned leadership expert with over 20 years of experience, he knows his area inside out and is a reliable speaker to help transform your workplace culture.
  • Matt has an engaging speaking style, ensuring he’s always a hit with any audience and attendees leave feeling inspired.
  • Matt can help transform any workplace environment and leave behind a high-achieving team that can boost profits and productivity for the long term, creating a lasting impact that’s not just for today and tomorrow.

After co-founding Chapman & Co. Leadership Institute, Matt Whiat has consulted with organizations of all sizes from around the world. Matt focuses on regenerating workplace environments, allowing all members of a team to feel valued and listened to. Matt also works with businesses to boost the performance of their teams and to build trust within them, strengthening the skills of leaders to better guide those working under them towards success.

Prior to his speaking and consultancy work, Matt enjoyed a long-lasting career in the Airforce and wider military/security sectors. Working with the UN, NATO and the Pentagon, Matt has worked at some of the highest levels of the security services and assisted in bringing peace to different regions of the world whilst also working to maintain the security of the United States. Matt is well-respected around the world for his work across different industries.

Before his career truly began, Matt earned his undergraduate degree in Industrial Engineering from Southern Illinois University. Following this, Matt attended Troy University and The Air Force Institute of Technology to attain his graduate degrees, graduating in international relations, finance and management. Whiat is an esteemed TEDx speaker, giving him much experience in speaking to large audiences and getting his message across. In his speaking and consultancy work, Matt gives keynote talks about accountability, leading through change and the power of candor.

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Keynote by Matt Whiat

Keynote topics


  • Lead Through Change: Learn how to lead people through transformation even when change is resisted.
  • Build Trust & High-Performing Teams: Learn the components of highly effective teams and how to build them.
  • The Power of Candor: Kick-start a better way to approach feedback that actually results in change.
  • Truly Human Leadership: Apply practical tools from Barry-Wehmiller, a $3B global manufacturing and
    professional services company, and learn how they used those tools to build a
    culture of people and performance in harmony.
  • Care & Accountability: Learn how care and accountability can exist in harmony and are more
    powerful together.
  • Custom Workshop: We offer more than 30 different courses and topics. If you have a specific need for
    your gathering, chances are we can deliver it in the same engaging way.
Watch Matt Whiat in action

The Insanity of Leadership | Matt Whiat | TEDxSaintLouisUniversity

See keynotes with Matt Whiat
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Keynote topics with Matt Whiat