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Azeem Azhar

Leading Authority on AI & All Things Technology
Country: UK

Speaker Azeem Azhar has held a long list of roles throughout his career: strategist, analyst, product entrepreneur, influencer and writer with a passion for all things technological. His expertise within these many areas make him a popular speaker on topics such as digital transformation and the future.

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Speaker Azeem Azhar’s newsletter “Exponential View”, on the societal implications of technology, has garnered over 24k subscribers. These subscribers include investors, academics, and journalists from around the world. A sought-after authority on technology, Azeem Azhar is also a Senior Adviser of Artificial Intelligence to the CTO of Accenture.


Azeem Azhar’s Background:

After taking a degree in Politics, Philosophy and Economics at Oxford, Azeem’s career took him to journalism, writing about technology. He has held corporate roles at Reuters and the BBC, and served as an editor at The Guardian and The Economist. Azeem Azhar’s columns and articles are widely published in journals such as the Financial Times. In 2017, Azeem was accepted onto the editorial board of the Harvard Business Review.

Speaker Azeem Azhar also has experience as an award-winning entrepreneur, backed by VC, with a successful exit. In 2010, Azeem founded PeerIndex. This company makes predictions about web users by applying machine learning to large-scale social media graphs. Only 4 years after Azeem founded it, PeerIndex was acquired by Brandwatch. Beyond his role as an entrepreneur, technology speaker Azeem Azhar is also an investor in many tech startups, especially in the AI sector. He has actually invested in over 20 early stage companies!

Azeem Azhar is a skilled and engaging speaker with a great sense of humour. He has lectured or spoken at LBS, Harvard, TechCrunch, WHU Founders Conference, Medialaan, Deutsche Telekom, as well as to dozens of other great audiences around the world. Azeem has also spoken on TV and radio (BBC, Sky, CNN, amongst others).


Watch speaker Azeem Azhar in Action:

    Speaker Azeem Azhar Keynote Topic

    • Artificial Intelligence and Robotics
    • The Future of Computing
    • Cryptocurrency
    • Business, Commerce and Enterprise
    • Digital Transformation
    • Philosophy and Ethics
    • Technology and Humanity
    • Work, Jobs and Employment and the Future
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