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George Galloway

George Galloway

Former Labour MP & Respect Party Co-Founder
Country: UK

Keynote speaker George Galloway is a politician, broadcaster, writer and, tying all these together, an activist. Drawing on his several decades of experience in politics, George Galloway has a well-rounded perspective on current events and their place in the big picture.

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Straight Talking, Straight Forward


George Galloway began his professional life as a general labourer in the parks of Dundee. In his youth, he joined the labour party, and by the age of 26 he became the youngest ever Chairman of the Labour Party in Scotland. He went on from there to become General Secretary of the London-based charity War on Want in 1983.


A Scotsman with the gifts of Gab and Jab, as his appearance before the senate showed” — The New York Times


In 1987 George defeated the former Chancellor and Home Secretary Roy Jenkins in Glasgow Hillhead constituency and became a member of Parliament at the age of 32. With the exception of a two-year break, he remained in Parliament until 2015. During this time, he has represented Glasgow, the East End of London and Bradford West.

Over his time in parliament, George has won six elections. That’s six battles won, which should come as no surprise since he is a highly skilled orator whose fighting spirit comes through loud and clear.


“My political career is defined by my activism for social justice” — George Galloway


Speaker George Galloway has branched out to several areas beyond politics, including his work as a writer, producer and broadcaster. He has even appeared on the reality TV show Celebrity Big Brother. There’s never a dull moment with George Galloway.

    Speaker George Galloway Keynote Topics

    • The impact of Activism
    • The importance of fighting for social justice
    • Labour Party Politics
    • Politics in the Media
    • Economy in the US
    • Economy in the UK
    • The impact of Recession and Depression
    • Speaking at the Senate
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