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Mads Faurholt

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Serial entrepreneur and successful businessman sharing his knowledge and practical tools to building businesses

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Serial entrepreneur and speaker Mads Faurholt has started over 20 companies and his sense of entrepreneurship is remarkable. Mads is a well-known entrepreneur and businessman, especially in his home country, Denmark, and has delivered many keynotes to international clients and companies.

Speaker Mads Faurholt has a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Copenhagen Business School, which he finished in one year and eight months. He also has an MBA from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Mads is currently the managing and founding partner of Nova Founders Capital, a global investment firm which has 18 companies in its portfolio. Besides running successful companies and speaking, Mads is also an author, and his newest book, which was co-authored with speaker and fellow serial entrepreneur and and speaker, Lars TvedeEntrepreneur – Building Your Business from Start to Finish quickly became a best-seller. 

Mads was only 23 when he started his career as a management consultant at McKinsey in Switzerland. He later moved to Asia and became the manager for a few hundred employees at Groupon which later grew to 3000 employees. According to Forbes, Groupon is the fastest growing company to this day. Mads is the co-founder and shareholder of several companies including HelloFresh, valued at over $1 billion; Lion & Lion, which he sold for $15m; and CompareAsiaGroup with over 80m monthly users with 20% of the population in Hong Kong using the service. 

As a speaker Mads Faurholt is engaging and practical. With his extensive knowledge and impressive resume, Mads knows what he is talking about, and he knows that providing practical take-home tools is the way to do it. He has many keynote areas but prefers to customize his keynotes to the specific audience and event in order to use relevant case material. Whether speaking to world top leaders or university students, he delivers his absolute best and takes his audience seriously. Mads is a top speaker in his field and will not disappoint. 

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    Keynote by Speaker Mads Faurholt

    How Technology Has Changed the Way We Do Business

    • In this keynote, the audience gets direct insights into what new opportunities and challenges have occurred with the use of technology.
    • Mads has valuable experience FinTech and how it has changed the world of business and in this talk, he demonstrates his knowledge.
    • Mads will provide examples of how technology has affected so much in the business world and, among other things, talk about how e-commerce stores have changed the industry of retailing.

    Keynote by Speaker Mads Faurholt

    Building Your Business From Start to Success

    • This keynote is based on the best-selling book with the same title.
    • Mads Faurholt provides insights into the journey from the very start of the business to the day of IPO’ing or selling.
    • Learn from a serial entrepreneur who has started more than 20 companies at the age of 34!

    Keynote by Speaker Mads Faurholt

    How To Lead Your Team to Success

    • In this keynote, Mads will provide deep insights into leadership methods used in practice with experience from Groupon, Rocket Internet and the TelCo Industry among others
    • He will answer important questions like which motivational factors work, which do not, and when should you use them?
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