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Jennifer Moss

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Jennifer Moss is a workplace culture advisor, speaker, and author, known for her expertise in advising mid-large global enterprises on their culture and well-being strategies.

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Jennifer Moss is a workplace culture expert, speaker, and author who advises mid-large global enterprises on culture and well-being strategies. She is a nationally syndicated radio columnist and freelance journalist who writes for Harvard Business Review. Jennifer's expertise has been featured in international media outlets such as the BBC, CNN International, the New York Times, TIME Magazine, and the Wall Street Journal.

Why you should book Jennifer Moss for your next event

  • Expertise: Jennifer Moss is a workplace culture advisor with a wealth of knowledge and expertise in advising mid-large global enterprises on their culture and well-being strategies. Her insights and advice can help your organization to create a healthier and more productive work environment.
  • Experience: Jennifer has a proven track record of success as a speaker and author, having been featured in numerous international media outlets and presenting at high-profile events. She knows how to engage audiences and deliver valuable content that resonates with them.
  • Relevance: With workplace culture and well-being being such critical issues for organizations today, Jennifer’s expertise is more relevant than ever. By booking her for your next event, you can help to create a culture of well-being and engagement within your organization that will lead to better outcomes for everyone involved.

Jennifer Moss is a workplace culture adviser, award-winning international speaker, author and journalist. She advises mid-large global enterprises on their culture and well-being strategies.

Jennifer is a nationally syndicated radio columnist and freelance journalist. She writes for Harvard Business Review (HBR) and is consistently highlighted by international media as a workplace expert.

Jennifer has been featured on Amanpour, BBC, CNN International, in the New York Times, TIME Magazine, Wall Street Journal, and the Washington Post, among others.

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Keynote by Jennifer Moss

Reducing Stress and Increasing Engagement in Changing Times

Since the pandemic we’ve been operating in crisis mode. It took 41 percent of the global workforce to resign for us to finally admit, crisis mode may not be sustainable. And yet, here we are in 2023, growth expectations have not slowed, workloads are still unmanageable, and people keep quietly quitting or quitting outright.

The lack of stress-testing before the pandemic caught organizations completely off guard. It wasn’t just overwork, there were changes in process, new technology to master, ever-increasing meetings, new modes of working, rising loneliness, and an explosion of inefficiencies that felt like pouring glue into an already sluggish wheel.

Although there’s a strong desire to put the past into the rear-view, Jennifer believes that’s a mistake. Three years of living in fight/flight/freeze changes people. We can’t go back. And, do employees really want more? Or do they just want something different? A ‘jam the toothpaste back in the tube’ strategy has never worked – why would it now?

Jennifer Moss, globally recognized as an expert in workplace wellness, can show you how to capture those lessons from the past to make a better future of work.

Takeaways include:

  • How to better measure risk of attrition and disengagement before it’s too late
  • Tackling unmanageable workloads (it’s not what you think)
  • The six root causes of burnout—and what organizations can do to prevent it
  • Why traditional corporate wellness initiatives may worsen the problem
  • Leading in the age of quiet quitting, rage applying, and future work trends
  • Ways to shape a better hybrid/remote/in-person strategy to prevent burnout
  • How organizations can lead with empathy and why that matters right now
Keynote by Jennifer Moss

Combating Burnout to Reach our Goals

A chronic state of urgency and heightened stress has made it more challenging to reach our potential. Many of us feel depleted and less effective in our jobs. Brain fog – a symptom of chronic stress – can make recall more difficult, and small tasks feel enormous. We’re distracted and lack motivation, so even making simple decisions can feel like a Herculean task. All of this is adding up. We’re working 30% more each day to hit the same goals we used to reach effortlessly. If this is how you’re feeling as leader, or see this happening in your teams, you’re not alone. But there are solutions.

Jennifer Moss, globally recognized as a well-being expert, and author of the book, The Burnout Epidemic, published by Harvard Business Press, will share how to identify chronic stress and offer strategies to prevent it – for both managers and individuals.

Takeaways include:

  • The myths and facts about burnout
  • How to identify when we’re burning out
  • How to reach out to help others in need
  • Building resilience – to protect our well-being during times of change
  • Current realities of learning and achieving goals while combating stress
  • Easy-to implement five-minute daily habits for improved well-being
  • How to better manage teams who are risk of burning out or have already hit the wall
Keynote by Jennifer Moss

Unlocking Happiness at Work

Can you really be both “happy” and “at work”? Loving what we do makes us more engaged, productive and higher performing. So, why is only 13% of the global workforce happy and engaged? Despite all the stats, happiness strategies are often low on the workplace priority list. With 50% of our waking hours spent at work in our lifetime; this is a massive problem. It isn’t just costing employers – studies show that employee disengagement is making us lonely, anxious, and harming our health.

Jennifer Moss believes we can solve this well-being crisis and has the research and data-backed insights to show us how. Drawing on her experiences in behavioural sciences and member of the Global Happiness Council think tank, Jennifer provides audiences with practical advice to become happier, healthier, and higher-performing.

Takeaways include:

  • The insights from behavioral sciences on how to be the most effective leaders or managers.
  • Psychological fitness techniques to better manage stress
  • The organizational shift in focus from work/life balance to work/life continuum – what this means and how can we achieve it
  • Taking the lessons learned during the pandemic and applying them to our post-pandemic life
  • A deeper understanding of neuroplasticity and how to leverage it for a happier personal and professional life
  • How to practice “active listening” a tenet of empathy to increase trust and sense of community at work
  • The tools to reframe stressful experiences through cognitive resilience building
  • A set of easy-to-apply, five-minute daily habits that can increase psychological fitness
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