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David M Brear

David M Brear

Founder and CEO at 11:FS
Country: UK

Keynote speaker David Brear has dedicated his career to the technology of financial services. His peers, banks and a number of industry bodies repeatedly vote David to be one of the most influential people in Banking, Insurance and Fintech.

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FinTech isn’t just affecting FinTech companies any more”  David Brear


Speaker David Brear has previously held senior roles at banks, insurers, research and analysis firms and consultancies. These include Gartner, Infosys, Lloyds Banking Group, Aviva and Foolproof.

Now he focuses his efforts on helping banks, insurers, regulators and governments to be better. His consultancy 11:FS is an expert led source of of benchmarking, research, advice and investment for banks and FinTech. David also co-Hosts Fintech Insider the #1 Fintech podcast in the world.

Book speaker David Brear for an engaging and insightful speaker. There’s a lot to learn from his disruptive views and vast expertise on financial services.

    Speaker David Brear’s Keynote Topics

    • Digital Banking is Only 1% Finished.
    • Digital Transformation in Financial Services.
    • Culture Transformation in Financial Services.
    • FinTech and Banking State of the Nation.
    • How Technology is Eating Banking.
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