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Joseph Oubelkas

Inspirational Keynote Speaker
Country: Netherlands

Author and speaker Joseph Oubelkas was running a successful IT startup when his life took a drastic turn; he was wrongfully convicted and was given a harsh prison sentence in Morocco. This experience has influenced his life severely, but through it all he has managed to find his own strength. As a keynote speaker, Joseph Oubelkas inspires audiences with his life story and the lessons he has learned.

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Our sought-after speaker Joseph Oubelkas is a Dutch author. Following the completion of his studies in IT, he started his own successful IT company, but in 2004, at age 24, Joseph Oubelkas’ life took a bizarre turn. During a business trip to Morocco he was arrested for smuggling hash, and, without evidence or investigation, was sentenced to 10 years in prison. The Dutch authorities were convinced of Joseph’s innocence but were unable to affect the decision. A harsh and unfair stay in prison awaited him.

The time Joseph Oubelkas had to spend in prison was difficult, but he used his entrepreneurial drive to give him strength, set goals for himself, and stay focused. Joseph Oubelkas had his own flower garden in prison and taught Moroccan language courses, being of Moroccan descent himself. For Joseph, this was a way to create something for himself out of the very limited resources he was offered.

The inspirational speaker Joseph Oubelkas was in prison for four and a half years. He was able to grow from his experience and now motivates people from all layers of society, giving keynotes and presentations for public institutions, schools, universities and businesses in the Netherlands and around the world. His inspirational keynotes cover topics like adapting to change, overcoming adversity and obstacles, and coping with negative life events. Joseph also addresses his experience after he was released from prison: how does one adjust to being back in society? Joseph speaks out about his fears and insecurities, his drive, and his dedication to rebuild his former life.

Our speaker Joseph Oubelkas is also the author of the book 400 Letters from My Mother (2011), in which his story is told through the correspondence he had with his mother during his time in prison. The book became a Dutch bestseller and was recently translated to English.

     Speaker Joseph Oubelkas Keynote topics

    • Keynotes about adapting to Change
    • Keynotes about overcoming Adversity & Obstacles
    • Keynotes about finding your strength
    • Keynotes about Young Entrepreneurship


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