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An inspirational, personal story about teamwork in the healthcare sector


Anthony Bennett

travels from UK

Exceptional, inspirational speaker and ex-patient who has overcome three life-threatening infections

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The incredible speaker Anthony Bennett has overcome three life-threatening infections with a 10% chance of surviving, and now he shares his inspirational story about the power of teamwork at corporations, schools and in the healthcare sector.

It was 2006 at Disneyland Paris when speaker Anthony Bennett suddenly felt like he couldn’t understand the people around him and felt that his brain wasn’t working right. Doctors quickly found out he had caught three life-threatening infections and his life changed forever. Anthony was resuscitated 12 times and spent seven weeks in the hospital before making a full recovery after re-learning little things like touching his nose, eating and sitting up straight. Today, he shares his inspirational story about the incredible team of doctors, nurses, surgeons, nutritionists and cleaners that came together to save his life.

Anthony is known for his positive outlook and he continues to motivate and inspire everyone from high school students to nurses to CEOs. As a speaker Anthony Bennett is engaging and passionate, and his audience is left with a changed attitude and desire to work together to achieve success and overcome adversity. High school students learn to feel grateful, motivated and to believe that they can overcome anything and reach personal goals. Corporations book Anthony because of his ability to connect teams and find strengths and lastly, clients from the healthcare sector book him to get insight into his incredible story full of teamwork and ‘true superpowers. Anyone can benefit from an inspiring and motivating keynote by Anthony! Anthony likes to customize his keynotes to the specific event and audience and below are some of his most popular topics.

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    Speaker Anthony Bennett Keynote Topics

    Keynote by Speaker Anthony Bennett

    The Power of Teamwork

    • It took over 100 individuals, working together as a team to help save Anthony’s life. From surgeons to the cleaning team, who cleaned his bedside twice a day to protect him from bacteria that could have led to further serious infections. Anthony brings home a powerful message to his audience, to reinforce the statement that every person within a team is as important as the other for the contribution they make to the bigger picture.
    • Anthony demonstrates how the effect of their own knowledge and skills set they bring to the team has a huge rippling effect. Anthony encourages the audience to be proud of the work they contribute.
    • This talk fits perfect for corporate and healthcare teams.

    Keynote by Speaker Anthony Bennett

    Staying Motivated

    • The outcome of this session is to be more mindful of oneself, using your own thoughts to motivate you from within. Anthony believes it is important to be your own best friend as you journey through life. The more you connect with, understand and support yourself, the more you will be driven to succeed.
    • In this session, keynote speaker Anthony Bennett talks through the inner journey he had with reconnecting his mind to his body and how he became his own champion, after needing to learn how to walk, talk and breath unaided.
    • This talk is perfect for millennials and people within education.

    Keynote by Speaker Anthony Bennett

    Using Your Superpower

    • It’s one of those classic ice-breaker questions that we’ve all heard before. Would we choose super strength, ability to fly or turn invisible? Although these are pretty out-of-reach powers, we do each have superpowers within which make us different from one another. The power to be a great listener, speaker, to be able to work out maths equations really fast, having a strong memory, the list goes on.
    • This area of the session, keynote speaker Anthony Bennett explores how he tapped into his superpower and the more he used it, the stronger it became and the more people were affected in a positive way from it.
    • This talk is aimed at organisations where teamwork plays a big role in the company’s culture.

    Keynote by Speaker Anthony Bennett

    A Powerful Thank You from an Ex-patient

    • We can sometimes get quite busy in our jobs, focusing on the numbers and targets that we sometimes forget about the fantastic work we do and how it affects/benefits people, especially working in the education/healthcare industry.
    • Anthony Bennett takes the audience on an emotional journey, highlighting and thanking his audience for the work they dedicate themselves to, whether it’s an audience of admin support teams, finance teams, teachers or nurses.
    • This talk is the perfect way to start or end a conference to leave the audience on a positive high.
Anthony Bennett - video

Miracle Man - Anthony's Story

Watch speaker Anthony Bennett in action!

Anthony Bennett - video

A story from a patient

Watch speaker Anthony Bennett in action!

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Interview with Anthony Bennett

Why do clients typically hire you to speak?

Clients usually hire me to speak due to positive feedback and referrals. The themes and lessons taken away from my talks can be appreciated by school pupils as young as 9 years old, to CEO’s of companies. It has a universal message and can be translated across many industries, age ranges and classes.

What are your biggest goals in your life or career currently?

My biggest life goal I currently have is to start a family over the next couple of years. I really want a mini-me to love. My biggest career goal is to complete my first book. As a person with dyslexia,  I’m choosing to climb out of the box that is labelled ‘Dyslexics don’t write books’ and to give hope to people with dyslexia to not let a label define us. Sure, it may take us a little longer to do certain things, but it’s not impossible!

Describe yourself in 3 words – why these words?

Positive – Energy is transferable. A simple smile has the power to make someone who witnesses the smile, smile too… so does a yawn! Seeing people happy or ‘glowing’ is a beautiful thing to experience, and we all have the ability to make it happen. I enjoy focusing my positive drive to help others.

Approachable – Many times after a talk I’ve been approached by members of the audience, people I’ve never met before and they feel that they can trust me to the point they openly talk about their lives and things they have overcome or are going through. It’s a beautiful moment when two strangers trust each other enough to share moments that have otherwise been bottled up.

Reflective – Life is a temporary experience that will come to an end it’s a beautiful journey. One of my favourite things to do is think, about the journey of life, the present moment, what makes people happy, how everyone sees the same world but each individual sees it altered, based on their experiences. Going off on thought trails and connecting dots in my mind really is one of my favourite things to do.

Who or what inspires you most?

Simply put, my inspiration comes from seeing progress over time. This can be from any aspect of life. Seeing a bird patiently building a nest twig by twig as I walk down the road inspires me to be patient and work towards my goals bit by bit. Seeing people happy, doing things they love inspires me to work hard on my craft and to keep learning and enjoying the journey. Inspiration can be found in all aspects of life if you choose to look at things from a range of perspectives/angles.

What do you gain personally from being a public speaker?

What I gain personally from being a public speaker is having the opportunity to share a powerful energy with lots of people at once. The energy shared in a session has the power to make people cry, get instant goosebumps, feel like they are a new and energised person. Seeing the excited glow on a person’s face after listening to you speak gives you an incredible feeling.

Do you have a favourite experience from your speaking career?

My all-time favourite experience to date has to be when I spoke at the Convention Centre in Sydney Australia. 1500 audience members took part in a Mexican wave for me to record from the stage and send to my mum, as I forgot to ring her to let her know I had landed safely on the other side of the world… She forgave me quite quickly once she saw the video!

See keynotes with Anthony Bennett
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