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Leo Bormans

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Everyone is looking for it, many find pieces and pieces of it, but what exactly makes us happy? Researcher and speaker Leo Bormans has consulted 100 researchers in 50 countries on the science of happiness.

“Do worry. Be happy. There is something going wrong in the world, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be happy.”

Speaker Leo Bormans is a Distinguished Lecturer in Happiness Economics Research at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. As a successful speaker and adviser, he is in contact with governments, managers, universities, welfare workers, teachers and organizations all over the world. Positive thinking is a science. Leo has drawn on the insights of 100 researchers in 50 countries on happiness, producing an evidence-based perspective on what truly makes us happier as a society and individuals.


Spreading Hope & Happiness

Happiness speaker Leo Bormans gives workshops, lectures and master classes for groups of every size. Unveiling the power of hope and happiness in our own lives and for our society. Even in uncertain times, both happiness and hope are possible.

Leo aims to give hope to vulnerable groups in society through his speaking. He provides talks at prisons and institutions for special youth care, as well as citizenship training for imams in Belgium.


Bestselling Author

Keynote speaker Leo Bormans is the author of the international bestsellers “The World Book of Happiness”, “The World Book of Love”, and “The World Book of Hope”.

“The World Book of Happiness” put happiness and quality of life on the political agenda when it was gifted to 200 world leaders by the first European Council President Herman Van Rompuy.

In addition, Nobel Peace Prize winner Kofi Annan received a copy while he addressed, together with Leo Bormans, the international youth conference Hope XXL, which was inspired by the book.


See keynotes with Leo Bormans

    Speaker Leo Bormans Keynote Topics

    The major themes of his keynotes are based on the international bestsellers in which every hundred top professors from fifty countries share their insights (The World Book of Happiness, The World Book of Love, and the World Book of Hope) and the large-scale university research into the feasibility of happiness.


    Keynote by Speaker Leo Bormans

    Feasible Happiness

    • During his lectures and workshops, special attention is paid to that part of happiness and quality of life that is ‘feasible’ for individuals, teams and organizations. Leo Bormans’ lectures are full of concrete tips that contribute to a world of happiness, for ourselves and for others. 


    Keynote by Speaker Leo Bormans

    Positive Education

    • Happy students in happy schools, thanks to happy teachers and parents. How? Leo Bormans shows it!
    • Those who feel good about themselves as a child at school will later be much more likely to be successful. Learning to learn starts with happy living. Positive education strengthens the power of children. This is done by teachers and teachers who also dare to work on their own happiness and that of parents and colleagues in oxygen-rich schools. How do we deal with that?
    • Speaker Leo Bormans started as a teacher himself and worked for more than twenty years as editor-in-chief of the class for the Ministry of Education and Training in Brussels. His project ‘Happiness for Children’ is based on international happiness research and the ten pillars of happiness, as developed by The London School of Economics.


    Keynote by Speaker Leo Bormans

    Happiness in the workplace

    • Happy and hopeful entrepreneurs and employees feel good about themselves and are more successful in many areas. The good news is that both happiness and hope are partly ‘feasible’. We can learn it. Speaker Leo Bormans gives the impetus during this surprising lecture.
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Keynote topics with Leo Bormans