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Svend Brinkmann

Author, Thought Leader & Psychology Professor
Country: Denmark

Keynote speaker Svend Brinkmann has one of the strongest voices in the public debate regarding the questionable tendencies of our times and how we can overcome them but also challenge them. His books are as popular as his opinions and he delivers one non-fiction bestseller after another. Now, you have the chance to experience Svend Brinkmann and his thought-provoking, relevant and entertaining keynotes about letting go and standing firm in our borderless development culture.

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Keynote speaker Svend Brinkmann is a psychology professor at Aalborg University in Denmark. His research takes its aim at the bridge between psychology, philosophy and culture analysis, and his many books and articles cover these topics. He’s been given multiple awards for his research including one from the Danish publishing house Gyldendal. Svend is currently researching the increasing number of psychiatric diagnoses as well as “sorrow” as a psychological and cultural phenomenon.

Since 2009, the prominent speaker Svend Brinkmann has taught general psychology and qualitative methods on the faculty of humanities at Aalborg University. In addition, he has written many books and more than 150 academic articles as part of his research. Svend Brinkmann became a well-known name when he published Stand Firm: Resisting the Self-Improvement Craze in 2014, in which he challenges these days’ “(self) development tyranny”. Since then he has published the sequel Standpoints: 10 Old Ideas in a New World and his newest best-seller JOMO (Joy of Missing Out), which discusses the art of missing out on something. His books have been translated into multiple languages.

    Keynote by Speaker Svend Brinkmann

    JOMO (Joy of Missing Out)

    • This keynote is inspired by Svend Brinkmann’s book JOMO (Joy of Missing Out). It discusses the art and value in choosing to miss out on something.
    • Keynote speaker Svend Brinkmann talks about the importance of missing out as it means a great deal in our culture but also for our individual lives.
    • All this has become hard because many people suffer from the fear of missing out or FOMO.
    • Learn how and why you should feel excited about saying “no” and discover the joy of missing out or in other words: JOMO.


    Keynote by Speaker Svend Brinkmann

    Standpoints: 10 Old Ideas in a New World

    • This keynote is based on the book Standpoints in which professor Brinkmann explains the most important stanspoints for humans. We are constantly trying to evolve and change, but we must learn to just be and stay.
    • Keynote speaker Svend Brinkmann presents 10 existential standpoints including love, freedom and forgiveness that are all valuable and important for us as humans.


    Keynote by Speaker Svend Brinkmann

    Stand Firm: Resisting the Self-Improvement Craze

    • We live in a time where we are constantly challenging and changing ourselves. What are the consequences of feeling like you have to be so aware of who you are, what you do, who you should be and what you should do?
    • This keynote is based on the bestseller Stand Firm where professor Brinkmann asks if we have gone too far in our constant development and ability to adapt quickly. And what about those who are fine with just being?
    • In a world of coaching, self-help books and staff development interviews, learn to say no, stop moving and stand firm.


    Keynote by Speaker Svend Brinkmann

    Diagnostic Cultures: A Cultural Approach to the Pathologization of Modern Life 

    • Many things point in the direction of an epidemic explosion of psychiatric diagnoses for children and adults. In just the duration of a year around 25% of us will get at least one psychiatric diagnosis.
    • In this keynote, speaker Svend Brinkmann discusses the reasoning behind this explosion. Are we more sick than before? Or have we simply changed the discourse of psychiatric suffering and are we better at understanding our problems?
    • Professor Brinkmann discusses the consequences of this tendency and reflects on what this means for workplaces and professionals.
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