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A truly inspiring story of inner strength and resilience


Caroline Mohr

travels from Germany, Sweden

Attain a World Class Mindset with Caroline's Authentic, Empowering and Inspiring Keynotes

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Speaker Caroline Mohr is a true expert of inner strength. In the middle of her professional golf career, Caroline survived a severe earthquake, only to find out her cancer diagnosis weeks later. The only way to survive was to amputate her right leg – but she did not give up. She kept competing in golf and now she inspires audiences with her personal story all over the world.

Why you should book speaker Caroline Mohr

  • Caroline’s inner strength is astonishing. As an inspiring keynote speaker, she can really encourage you and your organisation to find strength within.
  • As a Master of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and “The Breakthrough Lecturer of the Year 2016” she has the flair to give her clients a truly memorable experience!

In 2011, speaker Caroline Mohr’s life took a tremendous turn. In the middle of her professional golf career, she survived a big earthquake in New Zealand – only to find out weeks later that she has cancer. While she was on her way to the top golf leagues all over the world, she had to amputate her right leg to survive the disease.

This didn’t stop her from reaching her dreams. Just two months after the operation, she was out on the golf course – standing on one leg.

In her keynotes, speaker Caroline Mohr tells audiences about her journey and the way of beating the mental and physical challenges she had to face. Her lectures can give you and your business fresh energy to face the future. Caroline will give you inspiring new perspectives and will show you how to focus on the right goals, learn from setbacks and tackle your challenges with courage.

Caroline is a Master of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and she is trained in leadership coaching. As a speaker Caroline Mohr received several awards, including “The Breakthrough Lecturer of the Year 2016”.

Her inspiring and engaging keynotes are available both in English and Swedish. Book Caroline’s keynotes with A-Speakers today!

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Keynote by speaker Caroline Mohr

Win the Mental Game With a World Class Mindset

  • You have to change your attitude to get to the next level – Caroline will show you how to do it! She will also help you finding your core drive to set the right goals – and achieve more.
  • This topic is perfect for organisations looking to improve the mindset of their individuals and their focus on goals to encourage change. Caroline also supplies the audience with inspiring ideas about finding focus and opportunities – a thinking pattern which they can implement in their own lives immediately.


Keynote by speaker Caroline Mohr

Maximize Your Potential by Going Pro 2.0

  • Courage is everything. In this keynote, speaker Caroline Mohr will show you the importance of being courageous to be able to develop your goals.
  • Speaker Caroline Mohr designed this presentation for companies which are looking to empower motivation and engagement within. The audience will leave with important takeaways such as learning how to work with motivation effectively and learn to increase the energy within the organisation.
Keynote by speaker Caroline Mohr

Fear Less – Live Mohr

  • Break through your fears and discover your potential with Caroline! With this topic, she will take you on a fascinating journey of inspiration, change and courage.
  • Caroline warmly recommends this topic for organisations which are looking to challenge their comfort zone and work effectively with team spirit and change-process. This presentation is also packed with valuable takeaways – you will learn how to value your “teammates”, be brave through changes and foster hope.
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"Caroline has a phenomenal gift. She touches people at the very core of their being with her story and instills both deep reflection and an unbridled optimism in oneself causing a fundamental change within her listeners. Her speeches at the KPMG Diversity Summit and International Women’s Day in 2018 & 2019 drew an audience of listeners from age 22- 65 with both men and women in awe of her journey. Caroline has the rare talent of being able to read an audience and reaching out to each individual while still speaking to more than 1000 people. She is a world class speaker at TED level whose story is universal in any culture and within any organization."

Gabriela Tennhard, Senior Manager

KPMG Luxembourg

"Caroline Mohr is among the very few top class speakers in Sweden. From customer surveys I could find out that Caroline has managed to get top-three highest score ever among all the best ranked professional speakers. She has an astonishing and most breathtaking skill to engage her audience with direct storytelling from her own experience that goes straight to your heart."

Lennart Paulsson, Founder and Partner

P&P Meetings Sweden
– What kept you inspired throughout all of the tribulations you have faced in your life?
Actually it was pure love for living life that inspired me to keep going! I’ve always loved life and facing the struggles and dramatic changes made me long to live life with even more presence and power! I really didn’t want to take life for granted and that inspired me to do everything I love with more motivation than before. 
-What would you say is the key to your success?
Simple, resilience. Life is not happening to you, it is simply happening for you. Realizing this made me unstoppable. 
– You mention setting an intention everyday, if you for some reason you are unable to complete all your intentions for the day, what do you do?
Setting an intention for the day means that I direct myself in a certain direction, an intention simply helps me throughout the day with the actions I am doing. If my intention is to be loving to myself, I make sure that the decisions I make and the actions I do are in the direction of self-love. What is the most self-loving way right now? Could be such a question that helps me get clarity in front of a situation. Setting an intention every day makes the day have variety and it becomes interesting. If I don’t manage to complete all the tasks that I intend to, I simply replan them for the next day – if the task is urgent or very important, then I motivate myself really hard to finish, even if it is in the middle of the night. There is a simple but powerful motivational question that I use to help me get the energy needed. The question is, “What will happen if I don’t complete this task?” – after I paint a horrible picture in my head and this helps squeeze out the energy needed. 
Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Continue running my business with keynote speeches globally, training CEO’s in mental strength and helping companies and organisations develop resilience for change. In five years I have two books on the market and a film produced. I see myself having two kids, living in our dream house with my husband and supporting two schools in South Africa with education. Today I already support one school. 
What keeps you courageous? Is there any active steps that you take to remain positive and consciously courageous?
Constantly challenging myself, staying comfortable means that I am not developing. Every time I find myself procrastinating something because of fear I quickly “investigate” the situation and decide within a couple of seconds to do the opposite = to take action for it. In 99% of the cases the fear in my mind is worse than actual situations. Something which I believe increases the chances to remain positive is to inspire myself by surprising myself when I am out on adventure, having a keynote or working from my office. I always leave space for being spontaneous and playful, and it makes me want to be positive and courageous. 
What was one of your biggest or smallest fears that you have overcome in the last year? How did you overcome it?
My biggest fear was starting to record videos online! I love being on stage speaking to PEOPLE and also transport my messages in writing, but speaking to a camera felt lonely, odd and very strange. I wasn’t comfortable at all. So I challenged myself in creating a Motivational series program online throughout the year where I share (monthly) some of my greatest teachings and strategies related to Motivation. Now, I feel that it is fun! 
Do you have a role model? Who is it, and why do they have the honor of being your role model? 
Actually I do not have THE role model, there are actually a lot of people who inspires me and who I admire. They all have one thing in common, they are all authentic and has transported their personal stories to a bigger audience. I love stories! A person with a powerful story who speaks from their heart is my role model! 
What do you think are the most impactful portion of your keynote? 
Facing fears! In my most booked keynote “Fear Less – Live Mohr” I speak about courage being the recipe for overcoming fear, brining yourself to this stage is the most powerful transitioning because it means you are ready to take action. I believe that is the most powerful part in my keynote too, the section: when I was completely knocked down from surviving the earthquake and receiving the cancer diagnose shortly after. I thought my life was over when the doctor told me there was only one way out, and that was amputation. I was full of fear, but managed to transition into courage and receive other perspectives to take action. That I believe is the strongest part of the speech.
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