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International tennis star and diversity campaigner aiming to change society

Martina Navratilova

travels from USA

Tennis superstar Martina is passionate about many causes and speaks regular on LGBTQ issues, diversity, animal rights, breast cancer awareness, and the environment.

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Martina Navratilova is a professional tennis player, renowned for her incredible record of nine Wimbledon singles wins. As an openly gay sports personality, her life has been filled with challenges, and she is known for her outspoken speeches on diversity and inclusion.

Reasons to book Martina Navratilova

  • Martina is an internationally recognized tennis superstar. She speaks on a variety of diverse topics, always engaging her audience with her forthright views.
  • The Wimbledon star delivers unique personal insights into LGBTQ issues and is an authority on diversity and inclusion, a truly inspirational speaker. Motivation and peak performance are two areas in which she excels.
  • Martina’s other passions include sustainability with a focus on the environment, animal rights, breast cancer awareness, and underprivileged children. Her speeches remain long in the audience’s memory.

Born in the Czech Republic in 1956, both her mother and grandmother were accomplished tennis players, leading to Martina’s interest in the sport from an early age. At the age of only 15, she won her first national championship, and her path was set to tennis stardom. At the age of 17, Martina moved to the United States and won her first professional singles title in Florida. A year later she defected from the Czech Republic and became an American citizen. Martina’s rise to stardom began in 1978 when she won her first Wimbledon singles title.

She went on to win a further eight titles, sealing her position as one of the best female players of all time. Martina’s tennis career spanned over four decades, and even after her retirement, continues to play in exhibition matches around the world.

She is also a best-selling author with her own autobiography and tennis instruction guide. Her foray into fiction led her to write three mystery novels, and Martina has also written a health and fitness book.

Martina is known for her tireless campaigning on LGBTQ issues and is now much in demand for her entertaining keynote speeches that focus on diversity and inclusion. Her other passions include animal rights, sustainability, and breast cancer awareness.

Her audiences are assured of learning leadership skills that will benefit them in any walk of life. Martina draws on her personal challenges to deliver speeches that truly resonate with her listeners.

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Speaker Martina Navratilova keynote topics

Martina inspires audiences and brings engagement with keynotes that focusses on health and fitness, women’s empowerment, and gay and lesbian issues. The tennis icon’s career and personal story is a fascinating moving account of overcoming prejudice and staying true to who you are and your identity. From fleeing Communist-controlled Czechoslovakia to coming out in an era that was still rife with homophobia, Navratilova has always led by example. The distinguished athlete discusses her experiences and the causes she represents with transparency and grace.

Examples on suggested keynote topics:

  • What It Takes to Become a Champion.
  • Setting and Achieving Goals.
  • Redefining Aging as a Baby Boomer.
  • Healthy Lifestyle and Fitness.
  • Overcoming Adversity.
  • Human Rights and Equality.

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See keynotes with Martina Navratilova
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