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Marisa Peer

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Celebrity Therapist, TV Expert and Author Marisa helps clients all over the world to beat obstacles and stay confident

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Our leading motivational speaker Marisa Peer is a celebrity therapist, columnist, author, and television expert. As a seasoned speaker she inspires her audiences with energetic, amusing and insightful talks on how to overcome obstacles in life and how to stay confident. Her expertise has helped numerous clients and has inspired companies and organizations around the world.

With nearly three decades of work as a therapist behind her—helping rock stars, royalty, Olympians, and leading CEOs overcome phobias, addiction, childhood traumas, and relationship problems— our eloquent speaker Marisa Peer has an unparalleled ability to connect with each of her audience members on an individual level.

Marisa’s own life story is direct proof of what serves as her main message: that the thoughts and words we choose have a direct impact on how our lives play out. After being told in school she was physically inept and would never amount to anything, Marisa went on to become the top trainer at the renowned Pineapple Dance studio in both London and New York and then worked for Jane Fonda in Los Angeles at the height of the fitness craze. Using her firm belief that the body does precisely what the mind tells it to, Marisa had her daughter Phaedra after numerous specialists insisted she would never get pregnant. She also used this very same philosophy to overcome two life-threatening illnesses and has helped many people do the same.

In the speaking realm, Marisa has given motivational lectures in Dubai, South Africa, Spain, Ireland, and all over the UK to an array of companies and organizations including Disney, Canon, Bauer Media, Marks & Spencer, Hachette publishing, and several Cambridge Colleges. She uses techniques including visualization, affirmations, and positive metaphors to instill in her audience extraordinary self- belief and unrelenting confidence in their abilities. Most impressively, our speaker Marisa Peer is able to bring her reputation for curing her patients in just one session to her speaking engagements. The Academy of Chief Executives and the Women in Media Conference both voted Marisa best speaker in 2008 and 2009.

Her speaking style is open, engaging, warm, amusing and direct. She backs up her messages with fascinating powerful stories and gives the audience life-changing take-away advice and techniques.

The keynote speaker Marisa Peer has been listed in Tatler’s Guide to Britain’s 250 Best Practitioners, being the only woman included in Men’s Health’s “Best of British” list, and listed as the leading practitioner for mental health in London’s Time Out Guide. Her bestselling books have been translated into Swedish, German, Icelandic, and Korean, with her “Ultimate Confidence” title being used as a core curriculum component in the Korean education system.

On top of these literary successes, Marisa has also appeared behind and in front of the camera on major television shows such as Supersize versus Superskinny, Celebrity Fit Club UK and USA, and I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here. She has given her expert advice and opinions on UK news outlets including Sky News, BBC News, ITV News, Channel 4 News as well as news programs in Japan, Dubai, Spain, America, and Scandinavia.

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Interview with Marisa Peer

How do you prepare for speaking engagements?

Having opened for two recent Ted Talks and having to hit perfect timings I now practice all my speeches out loud beforehand as I find it really helps me to get them just right and to make it all flow so much more naturally. I also prepare by doing as much up to date research as possible. The most important thing for me is to connect with my audience and to really enjoy what I am doing. Knowing I am ready well in advance of any talk I give allows me to relax and to really enjoy every part of speaking.

What is your main motivation for being a keynote speaker?

My main motivation is to help people and to get my message across to as many people as possible and to show them that change can be swift and relatively easy and to show them how to make it just that.

My mission is:

  • To transform the maximum amount of people possible so they can live and work to their maximum potential whilst remaining happy, confident and well without the stresses and ailments that success can bring.
  • To make a difference by improving people’s self belief.
  • To work extensively all over the world showing people that self-transformation is neither hard work nor is it time consuming or slow to show results. I have designed my techniques and methods to bring about immediate results that require very little work.

My purpose is making a difference and living a life of purpose and meaning. I love the expression ‘if one person on the planet breathes easier because of you, your life has a purpose’ – this inspires me.

How do you engage audiences while sharing tips on how to overcome obstacles?

I like to make my talks as interactive as possible. I use memorable and engaging stories so the audience remembers my points and I get to the point immediately. I mix business acumen with emotional well-being using anecdotes and insights unique to my extraordinary career. I engage my audience by giving them information that will enhance their lives in format that could never be perceived as boring, formulaic or repetitive.  I also demonstrate to them the power of the mind through various physical and thought exercises that are fun and very eye opening.

How do you manage to connect with your audience members on an individual level?

I connect with my audience on an individual level by bringing my one-of-a-kind therapy techniques to the podium. I am a fan of simple, small steps that have dramatic and permanent results and I make a point of showing my audience how effective these simple steps are in changing people for the better.

Having worked with everyone from addicted or stressed City traders to film stars with severe confidence challenges, I understand what causes people to fail or to fail to thrive. Sharing what I have learnt and how I came across this knowledge helps my audience to use my advice to become a better CEO or entrepreneur, to be a better boss or manager and to get more out of others and out of themselves.

My talk is witty and sharp, and peppered with anecdotes from my 25 years of therapy practice and television work, which both amuse and inform audiences. Listeners are unable to leave the room without at least noticing the negative patterns and defeating self-talk that is getting in the way of their success and identifying new positive patterns.

I aim to give people the instant tools they need to transform rapidly and permanently without having to work at it or spend hours implementing. I have gained these methods from nearly 30 years of working with patients.

“Marisa has an unparalleled ability to connect with each of her audience members on an individual level” – Paula McArthur Women’s mastermind group.

Do you have a favourite experience from your speaking career?

When I worked with Wigan Football Club to motivate them to get into the premier league, my work was featured on every news channel in the UK and all over Europe and as far afield as Japan and Ghana. I had full page interviews in The Times, The Daily Mail, The Sun, The Mirror and countless other newspapers and appeared on all the sport radio channels which was both a great and a favourite experience as very few women have had that much impact in football testimonials.

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