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Michaela Wain

Motivational Speaker & “The Apprentice” Candidate 2017
Country: UK

Our keynote speaker Michaela Wain came 3rd place in the renowned TV-show The Apprentice in 2017. However, with six successful companies her career was already skyrocketing, but she felt she wanted to learn even more. Michaela Wain gained a big following with her Northern charm and outgoing personality, and has now started motivational speaking.

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Throughout her life, speaker Michaela Wain has had to face serious problems and she has suffered from depression and anxiety since she was a little girl. When her company after five years was put into liquidation, she didn’t allow it to have a long-term effect on on her career, so she decided to start another business and work on making it bigger and better. She was able to pay off her debt and promised to never make the same mistake twice. As a proud owner of six companies, she certainly knows business and her application to The Apprentice wasn’t about Lord Sugar’s £250,000 investment.

Speaker Michaela Wain wanted to show that depression and anxiety shouldn’t hold anyone back from achieving their goals. She wished to create awareness and continues to do so through public speaking. Michaela Wain speaks on a variety of topics ranging from business, to mental health to the North/South division in England.

    Keynote by Speaker Michaela Wain

    Michaela Wain’s Upbringing

    • Motivating, uplifting insights into Michaela’s story. She covers how to overcome adversity and achieve success.

    Keynote by Speaker Michaela Wain

    Mental Health

    • Michaela recently publicly discussed her battle with depression and how appearing on The Apprentice has helped her battle with anxiety. She speaks on the importance of mental well-being and how to become (and remain!) “Mentally fit”.

    Keynote by Speaker Michaela Wain

    Business Start-Up

    • Michaela has worked as a mentor to a number of individuals and start-up businesses. 

    Keynote by Speaker Michaela Wain

    Business Transformation

    • Michaela has worked as s transformation consultant for many years and can speak on how to transform, which pitfalls to avoid etc. 

    Keynote by Speaker Michaela Wain

    North/South Division

    • Michaela is a Northern girl and is very passionate about the North and it’s prosperity. 

    Keynote by Speaker Michaela Wain

    Family life

    • She talks about how to balance being a Mum and a business. 
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