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Carlos Conejo

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Achieve breakthrough results with Lean Six Sigma expert Carlos Conejo, renowned for transforming organizations and maximizing operational efficiency.

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Keynote Speaker Carlos Conejo is the dynamic, motivational force you need for your next event. With his expertise in Lean Six Sigma and process improvement, Carlos empowers organizations to achieve breakthrough results. Book Carlos Conejo now and unlock the keys to success, captivating your audience with powerful insights, actionable strategies, and real-world examples. Don't miss the opportunity to transform your team's mindset and boost operational efficiency.

Why you should book Carlos Conejo for your next event

  • Ignite Transformation: Carlos Conejo’s keynote speeches empower organizations to embrace change, driving transformational growth and achieving lasting success.
  • Real-World Examples: Carlos Conejo brings practical insights and relatable success stories to his keynotes, providing your audience with actionable takeaways that can be implemented immediately.
  • Multicultural Workforce Expertise: Carlos Conejo’s extensive experience in fostering workplace diversity as a productivity asset positions him as a sought-after speaker for organizations aiming to maximize their multicultural workforce’s potential.

As a leading motivational speaker, Carlos Conejo has dedicated over 25 years to perfecting the art of empowering organizations to embrace change and achieve lasting success. With his expertise in Lean Six Sigma and process improvement, he equips teams with the tools and strategies needed to revolutionize operations and drive growth.

Booking Carlos Conejo for your event means gaining access to actionable insights and real-world examples that will leave a lasting impact on your audience. Carlos’s captivating delivery and relatable success stories will motivate your team to unlock their full potential, fostering a culture of continuous improvement.

With Carlos Conejo as your keynote speaker, you tap into the wisdom of a Lean Crystal Award winner, recognized for his exceptional achievements in Lean Six Sigma process implementation. His methodologies have generated remarkable cost savings of over $100 million per year for his clients, making him a trusted partner of renowned brands such as Oakley, Victoria’s Secret, and Louis Vuitton.

Carlos Conejo is not just a speaker; he is an accomplished author with five bestselling books on Lean Six Sigma. His thought leadership and authority in the field make him a valuable resource for organizations seeking to drive operational excellence.

One of Carlos Conejo’s greatest strengths lies in his ability to harness the power of a multicultural workforce. By emphasizing workplace diversity as a productivity asset, he provides valuable insights on maximizing the potential of a diverse team. This expertise makes him an invaluable asset for organizations navigating today’s multicultural business landscape.

In a rapidly evolving world, the need for transformation has never been greater. By booking Carlos Conejo for your event, you secure an experience that will ignite evolution within your organization. You will witness firsthand the positive impact his keynote speeches have on driving growth, inspiring your team, and creating a lasting culture of success.

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Keynote by speaker Carlos Conejo

Secure Talent. Build Culture. Increase Performance

The employee-employer relationship has changed. Learn how to Recruit, Retain, & Develop the best talent to outperform your competition. Gallup Harvard study shows that companies with fully engaged employees outperform their competition by 147% earnings per share. We will help identify optimum processes & technology to build infrastructure that supports growth. Let us help nail down your competitive advantage.

Keynote by speaker Carlos Conejo

Operational Performance is Not for Wimps!

Today’s Corporate leaders have to be rock stars in order to succeed and create dream teams that deliver results, overcome complacency, and create a compelling vision. We set out to understand why transformations fail and calculate the odds of your success. Together we will create a compelling process roadmap that aligns with your strategies to improve your future overall operational performance.

Keynote by speaker Carlos Conejo

Crisis as a Catalyst to Accelerate Organizational Change

Why are some companies able to shift gears during massive change yet others stumble? Learn practical ways to effectively shorten the transition time. Describe the Executive level practices that create positive and efficient change across the company. Take a journey of 10 Fortune 500 companies to understand what they do differently to excel above all others. Discover 3 keys that accelerate change.

Keynote by speaker Carlos Conejo

Reimagine The Future of Manufacturing

Are you behind in adopting 4th Industrial Revolution Technologies? Reimagine & Transform operations for growth, close the gap & accelerate to deploy advanced manufacturing technology at scale! Data & Analytics are the key accelerants of digitization & transformation efforts. Learn what technologies the industry Leaders are implementing to drive and sustain financial & operational success.

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Lean Frontline Podcast Highlights: Carlos Conejo on Benchmarking and Behaviour

See keynotes with Carlos Conejo
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