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Creative entrepreneur, CEO, author, and an inspiring leader

Nigel Marsh

travels from Australia

A top-rated speaker, Nigel Marsh has spoken on numerous subjects, including work/life balance, business, leadership, risk, purpose, and creativity. His work/life balance TED speech is one of the most viewed speeches delivered outside the United States.

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Nigel Marsh perhaps best known for his creative pursuits, but is he is also an influential author of best-selling books, including ''Fifty and Fired-UP'', ''Overworked & Underlaid and Fit'', and of course, ''Fat, Forty, and Fired'', the most popular of them all. It is this same guy who founded the Sydney Skinny and co-founded Earth Hour. But what's the other side of Nigel's career? Well, his 30-plus years in the commercial space saw him work with several huge organisations, including Colgate, Fiat, Mars, Virgin, P&G, Pepsi, Canon, and McDonald's.

Why you should book Nigel Marsh for your next event

  • Nigel Marsh is the author of three best-selling books, a great researcher, and a master of content on work/life balance, leadership, and business, among other themes.
  • Nigel isn’t one of those keynote speakers who indulge in abstract leadership theory or guru speak. Instead, he is known to draw upon his natural storytelling talent and hard-earned experience to drive his point home. And he does so with an unmatched sense of humour, intelligence, passion, and authenticity.
  • His energy, expertise, and natural ability to tailor messages and presentations to each audience and event are excellent.

Whether dealing with social engineering (climate change, smoking, drunk driving, HIV, etc.) or big business issues, Nigel is known to provide strategic counsel and deliver impressive results in virtually every imaginable category. What is amazing about him is the common threads that run across his roles; a deep understanding of how businesses should respond to challenges and a keen sense of what influences consumer behaviour.

Nigel moved to Australia in 2001 and has worn many hats since then; the Y&R Brands ANZ CEO, D’Arcy and Leo Burnett National CEO, etc. While serving in these roles (and, of course, others), Nigel has been exceptional, to say the least. As a bonus, Nigel is proudly an Australian Indigenous Education Foundation ambassador.

Nigel helps leaders, whether in the government or corporate world, to gain momentum, alignment, and clarity about their purpose, values, and vision. In his view, by bringing this to life and embedding it throughout their organisation, leaders can ensure everything their companies say and do is in line with this very purpose. Brand blueprints are then created to provide clear, actionable roadmaps to maximise commercial returns.

As an in-demand keynote speaker, Nigel traverses the world, giving talks to corporations on his personal and business ideas.


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  • Work/life balance
  • Business
  • Leadership
  • Risk
  • Purpose
  • Creativity
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How to make work-life balance work | Nigel Marsh

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