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Award-winning Entrepreneur, Business Growth Mentor & Author

Justin Herald

travels from Australia

He is in high demand as a Corporate and Conference speaker and is respected as one of Australia’s leading authors on getting more out of life.

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Justin is regarded as one of Australia’s most sought after speakers with engagements booked all over the country and overseas speaking in front of 150,000 people each year. He also is the author of 8 international bestselling books. He also personally mentors over 100 business owners each year

Reasons to book Justin Herald

  • Justin has a great attitude, he is real, personable and approachable What you see is what you get!
  • He will tailor his presentation to meet your event objectives, his presentations are energetic and full of practical information.
  • Justin’s ability to take the audience on a journey is second to none and not only will he have your audience in fits of laughter, but they will also walk away with new ways to take things to the next level.

At the age of 25 with only $50 to his name, Justin Herald set about changing the course of his life.

Justin created Attitude Inc, a clothing brand that became an International licensing success that turned over in excess of $20 million per year.

He was awarded the Future Leaders Award, which recognises him as being one of the 50 most influential leaders of the next generation in Australia.

He is also Managing Director of Customer Culture, one of Australia’s leading customer service and customer engagement training companies, that not only teaches staff the “how” to give great service, but more importantly, “why” it is needed.

He recently launched www.JuniorEntrepreneur.com which teaches kids how to take an idea and turn it into a business. This has become a huge success globally. His main website www.JustinHerald.com is a constant source for both corporate and small business owners.

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Keynote by Justin Herald

How To Grow A Business Without Spending A Cent – The Attitude Story.

This is a fun filled yet highly practical keynote that is extremely applicable for what businesses have had to go through over the last few years. This is the story of how Justin took his last $50 and turned it into a $37 million brand in just 6 years. This was at a time when the internet had not really become “a thing”, when social media was not even a thought bubble, and when old school relationship building was the cornerstone of business success.

This Keynote is all about resilience, adapt ability and simplicity being the keys right now.

This is Justin’s most requested Keynote due to the amount of enjoyment audiences get out of the presentation.

Keynote by Justin Herald

2022 – The Year of The Customer – Creating a competitive edge.

Customers and clients are crying out for engagement, entertainment, experiences and connection. This keynote highlights the 6 areas customers are looking for when dealing with any business.

Understanding the customers/clients journey and what they go through to do business with any business will unlock a greater level of success with those customers.

Keynote by Justin Herald

The Cycle Of A Sale

When you understand the simplicity of selling and the ease of getting repeat business, then business growth can be a lot easier. Throughout this keynote, Justin show the 4 areas that customers deal with before a sale, and the 4 areas businesses need to understand AFTER the sale to ensure repeat business AND referrals. This keynote is based upon 30 years of proven results.

Keynote by Justin Herald

The Art Of Adaption – When Uncertainty Is The New Certainty

The one thing all business now realise is that things can change very quickly. Unless we adapt our businesses to be able to respond quickly to those changes, then things will either stagnate or die.

This is a great keynote for staff for them to realise the role they play right now.

Watch Justin in action

Justin Herald Showreel

Watch Justin in action

Justin Herald, Customer Culture Showreel

See keynotes with Justin Herald


Justin is the best speaker we have ever had for any of our conferences. His content, delivery style and messages rang plenty of bells and enabled us to end the conference on a high note. Thank you for making it such a success.

Alex Stevens, CEO


I have seen many speakers all over the world… A few weeks ago I saw an advertisement for a seminar you were going to speak at in Perth. So I decided to go to see what the fuss was about, expecting to see another Anthony Robbins wannabe. I have to say you blew me away.. you blew them (the world’s top speakers) out of the water. Your frankness, openness and honesty really hit home… you are by far one of the best speakers this planet has to offer. It’s my opinion that anyone who wants to succeed in life needs to hear you speak. Forget Anthony Robbins, Forget Brian Tracey, Look out Dr Phil, Here comes Justin Herald! You have given me the extra drive I was searching for.

Kelly Staple, CEO

ITN Group

Justin isn’t a motivator… he is an activator! Bloody Brilliant. Best I have ever seen and I have seen A LOT!!!!!


Managing Director

Justin Herald’s ability to connect with people at all stages of life and from all walks of life is exceptional. I have never seen our management group so unanimous about anything before. They all loved it!

Vince Abelardo

General Manager Operations Vision Group Australia

Thank you for such a significant contribution at the Roche Conference. Your ability to read the audience meant that you pitched your communications appropriately. You said it as you see it which made the audience sit up and take notice. The feedback we have received sofarhasbeenfantastic. We would be more than happy to recommend you to any organisation who is seeking an impactful, thought provoking and meaningful speaker.

Judith Love

Marketing Manager, Roche

The facts speak for themselves. Ninety seven percent of the audience who provided feedback rated you either ‘very good’ or ‘outstanding’. Quotes such as, ‘excellent, a true inspiration”, ‘the best speaker I have ever heard”, ‘the best start to any day’ really made our event.

Cr Peter

Houston Redcliffe City Council
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