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Tony Seba

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Shape your organization's future with Tony Seba, visionary author and disruptor.

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Unlock corporate success with Tony Seba, a visionary disruptor. Elevate your event with insights into trillion-dollar industries, sustainable growth, and innovative strategies. Book now for a transformative keynote experience!

Why you should book Tony Seba for your next event

  • Gain Future Insights: Tony Seba navigates market shifts, ensuring your organization stays ahead.
  • Strategic Disruption: Tony Seba guides businesses, transforming challenges into triumphs.
  • Disruption Architect: Tony Seba’s triumphs provide actionable tools for businesses to innovate and excel.

Tony Seba, a prominent Keynote Speaker, is a renowned visionary, educator, and disruptor shaping the future of industries. With a Stanford MBA and a B.S. in Computer Science from MIT, Seba’s expertise blends entrepreneurial acumen and technological foresight.

As a disruptor extraordinaire, Tony Seba co-founded RethinkX, an independent think-tank analyzing technology-driven disruptions. His Seba Technology Disruption Framework accurately anticipates and explains ongoing disruptions in energy, transportation, information, food, and agriculture.

Author of best-sellers like “Clean Disruption of Energy and Transportation,” Seba’s insights have transformed industries. His foresight in 2006 predicted the rise of tech giants like Apple and Google, while in 2010, he envisioned the trillion-dollar solar industry.

Recognized with prestigious awards such as the Savvy Award and Solar Future Today’s Visionary Influencer Award, Seba’s accolades affirm his impact. His work extends to movies and documentaries, including Bloomberg’s “Forward Thinking: A Sustainable World.”

A seasoned educator at Stanford University’s Continuing Studies, Tony Seba has taught thousands of entrepreneurs and corporate leaders. His keynotes, delivered at global events and organizations like Davos and COP21, offer strategic blueprints for navigating disruptions.

Unlock the power of Tony Seba’s insights as a Keynote Speaker. Booking Tony Seba ensures an enlightening experience, where his transformative vision guides organizations toward innovation, sustainability, and strategic success. Book Tony Seba for an unparalleled journey into the future of disruptive technologies and trillion-dollar opportunities.

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Keynote by speaker Tony Seba

Rethinking Today and the Future — The Great Transformation

  • The ongoing Phase Change Disruption of Energy, Transportation, Food & Agriculture, Labor andIntelligence are turning the 2020s into the most disruptive decade in history — Implications for theEconomy, Land Use, Climate Change and Society.
  • The ongoing Disruptions of the Five Foundational Sectors of the Economy are enabling the mostprofound Phase Change Transformation of Humanity in 10,000 Years — the End of the IndustrialAge and the Beginning of an Age of Superabundance.
  • Rethinking Today — The Great Transformation of the Economy, Society and the Future of Humanity.
Keynote by speaker Tony Seba

The New Economics of Energy — How SWB Superpower will Transform the Global Economy

  • Solar, Wind and Batteries (SWB) will not just disrupt energy; they will radically transform the architecture, patterns and behaviors of our energy system.
  • The SWB energy system will generate Superpower, probably the most transformative energy to emerge on the planet since the steam engine.
  • SWB Superpower will generate several times more energy than the existing system at near zero cost most of the year, transforming the industry and the global economy over the next decade.
Keynote by speaker Tony Seba

The Phase Change Disruption of Transportation

  • The On-Demand, Electric and Autonomous Disruption – Implications for Peak Oil Demand, Re-Design of Cities and Geopolitics.
  • The Transportation as a Service (TaaS) phase change disruption will have dramatic implications for industries including auto, oil, shipping, logistics, parking, real estate and insurance. Implications for society, from local politics to geopolitics.
Keynote by speaker Tony Seba

The Disruption of the Food System

  • The Precision Fermentation / Food-As-Software Disruption will create a dramatically new food system — a transformation not seen in 10,000 years.
  • This Phase Change Disruption will have dramatic implications for industrial agriculture, geopolitics, climate change, health, materials, investments while enabling the largest land use transformation in human history.
Keynote by speaker Tony Seba

Solving Climate Change by 2035

  • The ongoing Disruptions of Energy, Transportation, Food & Agriculture and Information mean that society can choose to reduce emissions 90% by 2035 and go net-negative by 2040 with technologies we already have.
Keynote by speaker Tony Seba

Virtual Stock Portfolio

  • Tony Seba’s virtual stock portfolio, created 16 years ago, and containing some of the most disruptive companies of the 21st century, returned more than 2,500%, outperforming the market by 10x.
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The Great Transformation [Part 1] - Patterns of Change, Key Technologies & #PhaseChangeDisruption

See keynotes with Tony Seba
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