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Dr. Nick Bontis

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Get to know the inspirational speaker, acclaimed professor, strategy expert and intellectual capital authority Dr. Nick Bontis

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Speaker Dr. Nick Bontis is the number one expert on intellectual capital. As one of the Top 30 Management Gurus worldwide, Nick helps top organizations like Microsoft and IBM to leverage their most important intangible asset and gain competitive advantage. Nick’s high-energy keynotes are sought after internationally as his customized programs genuinely improve organizational effectiveness and management performance. His unique style of substance and sizzle is guaranteed to ignite and enlighten audiences all over the world.

Why you should book speaker Dr. Nick Bontis

  • Nick is one of the Top 30 Management Gurus worldwide. He can help a top organization gaining competitive advantage – he previously worked with companies like IBM and Microsoft.
  • He is one of the most cited authors in management and intellectual capital research – as an authority in the field, Nick can transform leaders and their teams and get more results.
  • His hands-on business leadership expertise is a true asset: as a proven leader, Dr. Bontis can show you how to develop a winning strategy.

Nick’s accomplishments could fill a volume. After receiving the top scholastic award at the Ivey Business School, his PhD dissertation became the number one best selling thesis in Canada. Currently, as a highly renowned professor, Nick delivers content with high energy to PhD students – having him earned over 12 major teaching awards.

As the Director of the Institute for Intellectual Capital Research, speaker Dr. Nick Bontis is a sought after consultant. Top organizations such as Microsoft, IBM and Accenture greatly benefit from his expertise on intellectual capital. He is Associate Editor of the Journal of Intellectual Capital and author of the bestseller Information Bombardment: Rising above the digital onslaught. With over 30000 citations worldwide, Nick is one of the top cited authors in management and intellectual capital research.

Dr. Bontis also draws from his great hands-on business expertise as his experience in leadership is truly extensive. He is the Chief Knowledge Officer of the world’s first knowledge exchange and auction – Knexa Solutions. Moreover, he is a Director of Harvest Portfolios Group – an investment firm based in Oakville. He is also the Vice President of Canada Soccer.

His work as a presenter is truly inspirational. As a professional speaker Dr. Nick Bortis delivers great keynotes for top organizations all over the world. His high-energy presentations improve both organizational and individual effectiveness as Nick provides his audiences with the right tools for improvement. His customizable programs are all research-based and filled with the right practical takeaways, entertaining humor and youthful energy. With a unique combination of substance and sizzle, Nick is guaranteed to ignite, enlighten and entertain any audience all over the world.

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Special virtual keynote by speaker Dr. Nick Bontis

Working smarter, instead of harder

Ranked among the Top 30 management gurus world-wide, Dr. Nick Bontis is recognized by the former Editor of Harvard Business Review and Fortune Magazine as “a pioneer and one of the world’s real experts in intellectual capital.” Maclean’s Magazine has rated him as one of “McMaster University’s most popular business professors for six years in a row!” He is also a 3M National Teaching Fellow, an exclusive honour only bestowed upon the top university professors in the country and is considered the Nobel-prize of teaching!

Information bombardment is the single most damaging threat to your productivity. But, it doesn’t have to be this way. Why not transform this challenge into a sustainable competitive advantage for yourself and level up your leadership while working smarter instead of harder?

Audience takeaways:

  • Cope with information bombardment
  • Improve your ability to manage change
  • Lift productivity and efficiency
  • Speed up innovation through collaboration
  • Determine what leadership action you can take tomorrow
Keynote by speaker Dr. Nick Bontis

Transforming Your Leadership & Productivity for Peak Performance

  • Based on two decades worth of research on personal productivity, speaker Dr. Nick Bortis designed this keynote to help ambitious individuals to meet their targets even if their to-do lists are ever growing. Never worry about not having to time to meet your goals!
  • In this keynote, Nick is showing you how to increase your productivity by teaching you the three most important tactics to ensure a high level of productivity. He is also telling you how to create a bullet-proof career shield that no technology or competition can penetrate. You will also learn how to provoke your ability to manage change with foresight.
Keynote by speaker Dr. Nick Bontis

Accelerating Collaboration & Communication at Hyper-Speed

  • The secret of high performance teams is collaboration and communication. Based on the best practices by consulting the world’s leading companies and it’s teams, Nick offers this dynamic and inspiring keynote to help you accelerate your team to create value above and beyond what is expected.
  • This keynote is packed with valuable takeaways. After the presentation, you will be ready to direct your team towards the number one secret of guaranteeing knowledge sharing. The coordination within and across the team will also improve as you learn the top four drivers of collaboration. Want to avoid underperforming as a team? Speaker Dr. Nick Bortis will tell you how to avoid the three biggest pitfalls which hold the team back from performing.
Keynote by speaker Dr. Nick Bontis

Leadershifting and Strategizing Towards Innovation & Growth

  • Sometimes, it can be difficult to hold it together: the competition is huge, the geopolitical economy is unstable and the markets are turbulent. As the senior leader, how do you harvest the full intellectual potential of the organization?  As an award winning and the most cited professor of strategy, speaker Dr. Nick Bortis shows you what to do.
  • Nick’s world-class presentation will help you execute your strategy by showing you the three key steps to develop unmatchable sustainable advantage. You will learn how to evade the biggest strategic mistake which threaten your leadership. By turning chaos into opportunity, you will leadershift your strategic position – and get the results you were looking for.
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