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Learning from juggling - Courageous change & positive error culture!

Andreas Gebhardt

travels from Germany

Juggling expert for positive error culture, change, and courage for the new.

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In his presentations, Andreas Gebhardt speaks about error culture, safety, and risk. The focus is on considerations for creating a positive error culture aimed at being open to new things. For the juggler, errors are a step forward and offer opportunities for development. He uses his life story as an example and accompanies it with impressive juggling performances. In doing so, he encourages his audience to tackle things and take first steps.

Why you should book Andreas Gebhardt for your next event

  • Unique insights into the positive impact of errors on learning, progress, and interpersonal relationships, supported by inspiring stories and images that provoke wonder, laughter, and learning.
  • Motivation and strategies to achieve personal and professional success through the courage for change and continuous development, illustrated by the impressive medium of juggling.
  • Inspiration and encouragement to learn through creative performances.

Speaker Andreas Gebhardt was a professional juggler for over 20 years, traveling the world, winning national and international juggling competitions, and performing for international audiences on various continents and even at sea. Throughout his career, he faced constant risks, potential errors, and uncertainties. This led him to deeply explore these topics, which are also of great importance to businesses. Alongside his juggling career, Andreas Gebhardt studied economics and tourism, delving into project and change management.

In engaging presentations and workshops, he shares his ideas, philosophies, and thoughts on these subjects. As a keynote speaker, Andreas Gebhardt demonstrates what errors can mean for learning and performance. Using his juggling balls, he makes error culture visible, providing insights into how audiences worldwide can react to so-called missteps. Through his work as a juggler, Gebhardt illustrates that one cannot learn without errors, but on stage, they can spell disaster. He offers insightful perspectives on how to handle mistakes and remain remarkably composed. He also shares how he, as a juggler, found a nonchalant approach to his errors and even learned to appreciate them.

With his experience, he can inspire and motivate not only entrepreneurs but also their employees, showing how to harness the power of error culture for personal and professional development. In his presentation, Andreas Gebhardt explores the significance of errors between disgrace and grandeur, between fear and progress, and in interpersonal relationships. At the end, look forward to an encore – the highlight of his internationally acclaimed juggling performance.

Book Andreas Gebhardt for your next event and let him inspire you and your team with his journey through the world of juggling and leadership. His experiences offer not only entertaining but also profound insights into the nature of learning and personal development.

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Keynote by Andreas Gebhardt

What would I be without mistakes?

Andreas Gebhardt sheds light on the importance of mistakes, showing how they lie between embarrassment and excellence, between fear and progress, and in interpersonal relationships. His impressive and gripping images touch and inspire, inviting wonder, laughter, and learning.

Experience this unique journey and discover how you can benefit from a positive error culture.

In his inspiring presentation, he offers fascinating insights into how mistakes influence learning and the stage situation, and how audiences around the world react to them.

He shows you how to find a more relaxed approach to mistakes yourself, thus contributing to a positive error culture.

Keynote by Andreas Gebhardt

Courage for Change

In this inspiring presentation, Andreas Gebhardt shares his personal experiences. He uses impressive juggling acts to demonstrate that security is built through continuous development and the courage to try new things.

The talk raises awareness that success comes from many small decisions and actions. It motivates us to embark on the journey and step into the future one step at a time.

By providing insights into the world of juggling, Andreas Gebhardt challenges us to be brave and to use uncertainty as an opportunity to achieve our goals.

Watch Andreas Gebhardt in action!

Keynote: From Drops to Triumphs: Embracing Errors with a Juggler

Watch Andreas Gebhardt in action!

How to get a grip on CHANGE & CHALLENGES - Keynote

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