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Skip Bowman

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Specialist in organisational psychology and CEO specialising in transforming mindsets and leadership development

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Australian born speaker Skip Bowman is an organisational consultant who has helped several large companies and global leaders with cultural change and improving work environment. As one of Europe’s leading speakers on growth mindset and leadership development his keynotes and practical advice will not disappoint.

Why you should book speaker Skip Bowman

  • Skip has an educational background in psychology and is fascinated by the power of our minds. His professional experience allows him to connect psychology with the business world and truly understand how the two can affect each other.
  • As the founder and CEO of Global Mindset, Skip has worked with some of the biggest companies as clients. Skip walks the talk as a leader for his own company and has proven that his strategies work and values work.

Skip Bowman was born in Australia and has since lived and worked in several European countries including England and Switzerland. He understands how diverse organisational culture can be and knows there isn’t one solution for all. His approach is based on four values which he incorporates in his keynotes; challenge, explore, create and inspire.

As a speaker Skip Bowman is inspirational and entertaining. His passion and knowledge shines through on stage as he shares his valuable insights to diverse audiences. Skip is a highly rated speaker with an analytical and solution-oriented approach. Below are listed some of his most requested topics that are all suitable for conferences and corporate events.

See keynotes with Skip Bowman

    Keynote by speaker Skip Bowman


    • In this keynote, speaker Skip Bowman will guide you to how to develop a growth mindset and even become a growth leader, but will also talk about the barriers to a growth mindset and how to hack growth killers in your team and organization.
    • In a rapidly changing work environment, we need people who can not only adapt to change, but also leverage it. For this it is crucial to have a Growth Mindset. But what exactly is it and how does it help to manage today’s work better?

    Keynote by speaker Skip Bowman


    • In this interesting keynote, Skip talks about learning to lead. He will reflect on to what extent global and local leadership differ and what the challenges are when a team is scattered all over the world.
    • Skip gives practical advice on how to improve global communication and innovation and on how to develop a global mindset in the entire team and organisation.

    Keynote by speaker Skip Bowman


    • Every country also has its own work culture. But what exactly are the differences between a Danish work culture and the rest of the world? And what does a foreigner joining a Danish team need to know? As an expat himself, Skip will share his experiences and insights regarding the Danish work market in comparison to other cultures and how to lead effectively in Danish organizations when you’re not a Dane.

    Keynote by speaker Skip Bowman


    • To build a strong company culture, we need more than just a good strategy. In the process of transformation, leaders play an essential role. In this keynote, Skip Bowman discusses, what types of ineffective company cultures there are, how they are impacting the business and how any organization can transform to a growth culture.

    Keynote by speaker Skip Bowman


    • In this keynote, Skip will talk guide you through the main steps in leading change and why burning ambition is more important than the burning platform.
    • Digitalization has an immense impact on the future of our work life. How will jobs change for the next 12 years? Will they become more caring, creative, collaborative or co-robotive? No matter what the driving force of the change is, leaders have to rethink their role, actions and words, to build the foundation of psychological safety and make it a positive process.
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Skip Bowman on why change initiatives fail

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Interview with Skip Bowman

What leadership qualities do you most admire and why?

Energy, passion, empathy and humanity!

Describe yourself in 3 words – why these 3 words?

  • Inspiring – I love to work with people in ways that light a fire in their hearts and minds to learn, to try, to go beyond their comfort zone.
  • Provocative – Most of us need a good shake with some honest truth about ourselves, human nature and the science of organisations. Only when you understand what is really going on, can you possibly grow as a person and leader in ways that release your potential and the potential of those around you.
  • Caring – I care about people and understand deeply their struggles in life and at work. When you understand and empathize with the whole person, amazing things can happen.

What’s your mission?

To make global organisations SAFE for great work… Bring attention to how many leaders and organisations bring the worst rather than the best out in people. By making small shifts in mindset and behaviour, we can create empowering and enriching organisations.

How did you begin your speaking career?

I have been teaching and speaking for over 30 years in many different settings. At school, I sang in the choir and performed on stage. Speaking has always come naturally to me.

Do you have a favourite experience from your speaking career?

Doing a spontaneous lecture for 150 university students in a packed room. We couldn’t fit a single extra person in there. And the powerpoint broke down. It was charcoal and blackboard … old style. Lots of interaction, challenge and “ahahs”.

Why do clients typically hire you to speak?

Energy, insight, fun… because I really understand and connect with my audience. And because I work everyday with leaders helping them solve concrete problems in organisations. I don’t just write and speak about it; I practice this.

See keynotes with Skip Bowman
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