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Mads Korsgaard & Chris Turner

Exploring Creativity through Freestyle Rap
Country: Denmark, UK

How can you use freestyle rap to reveal the psychological mechanisms of creativity? An odd international duo – Danish psychologist & speaker Mads Korsgaard and British comedian/freestyle rapper Chris Turner – answer this question in an engaging lecture and musical show!

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Based on the science of psychology, Mads and Chris have developed an untraditional mixture of academia and freestyle rap to demonstrate the mechanisms of creative thinking. 

This equally thought-provoking and entertaining “lecture-show” will explore exciting issues such as the associative basis of creative thinking, how constraints can facilitate creative processes and the neuropsychological secrets behind the famous flow state. The remarkable couple will provide a concrete understanding of the mysteries of human creativity through participative freestyle rap-sketches and inspire the audience to exploit their own innate creative machinery.


MADS KORSGAARD: Mads Korsgaard is a Danish psychologist and author specialized in the psychology of creativity. His popular lectures have been featured at major conferences, events and music festivals such as SmukFest and SPOT Festival, and he has done interviews at a variety of national Danish TV and radio stations. He is also the co-author of the book “Actively Creative – Exploit the Mechanisms of Freestyle” (co-written with Danish freestyle-rap-champion Pede B).


CHRIS TURNER: Chris Turner is a Los Angeles-based, Oxford University-educated, British freestyle rapper and award-winning comedian. He has toured his one man shows all over the world, and sold out runs at Edinburgh, Adelaide, and Perth Fringe Festivals. He has collaborated with Coca-Cola, Toyota, O2 Telefonica, and Yorkshire Tea to create viral content, and his comedy videos have more than 6 million views on YouTube. A stand-out performance at tech conference Wired 2016 led to speaking invitations at events across the globe, including the renowned human rights conference Oslo Freedom Forum, cementing his reputation as one of the most in-demand performers on the corporate circuit.

    Speaker Mads Korsgaard & Rapper Chris Turner

    Actively Creative – Be Creative on Command

    • This mix of keynote and freestyle show builds on the concepts in Mads’ book “Actively Creative”. Freestyle rap is the extreme sport of creativity. By studying the methods of freestyle rappers, we can all learn to be creative in any situation. Normally we say we “get” creative ideas, as if they’re given to us. A freestyle rapper can’t wait for that! By using the psychological mechanisms behind freestyle rap we can take responsibility and control over our own creativity – becoming actively creative!
    • Chris Turner interacts with the audience to display what a freestyle rapper really can do – and reveals the secrets to thinking creatively on command. His performance is shaped and explained with the help of Mads Korsgaard’s psychological insights.
    • You are guaranteed a musical, memorable and educational experience. This is a unique opportunity to see behind the scenes of human creativity!
    • Audiences leave inspired and with actionable tools for increasing creativity in their personal and professional lives.
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