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Eric McGehearty

Marketing & Creativity Speaker
Country: USA

As a dyslexic artist, successful entrepreneur and motivational speaker Eric McGehearty is able to deliver creative and insightful keynotes. He covers topics such as neurodiversity in the workforce, and how to harness the different ways we think for creative and entrepreneurial success!

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A classic renaissance man, speaker Eric McGehearty is an award-winning sculptor whose work has been exhibited in galleries and museums across the United States. Eric believes that being an artist helps him come up with creative solutions – and it’s one of the major reasons he’s been successful as an entrepreneur!

Eric is committed to improving education for those who, like him, learn differently. Speaker Eric McGehearty is dyslexic, but this never stopped him from achieving his dreams – and his experiences have driven him to volunteers his time helping others dealing with learning disabilities. In 2016, Eric and his wife founded StandUpLD, a non-profit support network for parents and educators seeking to support and inspire children with learning differences.

Speaker Eric McGehearty is the CEO of Globe Runner, a top-performing, full-service digital marketing agency. The company, founded in 2009, is one of the most prominent digital marketing companies in Texas and continues to grow. In 2017 McGehearty and Globe Runner were featured in The Dallas Business Journal announcing his acquisition of Black Lab Creative, another Texas marketing agency.

Eric is also the Host of the upcoming television show “The Curious Entrepreneur” scheduled to come out mid-2018 on Amazon Prime. On “The Curious Entrepreneur” Eric interviews successful entrepreneurs uncovering their business successes and failures.

    Keynote by Speaker Eric McGehearty 

    Dyslexia & Learning Differences

    • Speaker Eric McGehearty shares his journey as a dyslexic, artist and entrepreneur. Audiences are both inspired and entertained as Eric describes life hacks that have helped him to be successful in a world that is not designed for a dyslexic. Eric also talks about the importance of grit, resourcefulness, and creativity that can lead to lifelong success. The talk is appropriate for all ages and can be tailored for different audiences, from school groups to corporate events.

    Keynote by Speaker Eric McGehearty

    Neurodiversity in the Workforce

    • Eric McGehearty will share examples of successful adults who think differently and have contributed at the highest levels of their organizations. Audiences will see pathways to build highly successful organizations by leveraging the unique talents of a Neurodiverse Workforce.

    Keynote by Speaker Eric McGehearty

    Entrepreneurship & Digital Marketing

    • As an entrepreneur and the host of the Curious Entrepreneur, a show premiering on Amazon Prime in 2018, Eric McGehearty is passionate about building businesses and opportunities through innovation. In this informative talk, Eric shares his journey as an entrepreneur, as well as digital marketing tactics that have brought his clients millions of dollars in revenue.

    Keynote by Speaker Eric McGehearty


    • Speaker Eric McGehearty shares his unique perspective as an entrepreneur, artist, and a dyslexic. Audiences will learn more about the importance of creativity and how to cultivate it in their lives and companies.
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