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Jenn Lederer

Motivational Comedian & Leadership Coach for Creative Entrepreneurs
Country: USA

Keynote speaker Jenn Lederer combines comedy, heart, intuition and business strategies. Helping her audiences laugh their way to a breakthrough!  Our speaker Jenn Lederer tailors her talks to your needs. Because she knows that no one’s journey has to look a certain way.

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Speaker Jenn Lederer’s talks are relatable, inspirational and designed to light a FIRE under your you-know-what. Bridging the wellness and entertainment industries using laughter, real talk and real life experience.

Her quick, comedic wit and glam irreverence make her message and the world of wellness accessible to everyone. After all, we are united by humor (and who couldn’t use a good, authentic, heartfelt laugh).

Speaker Jenn Lederer’s work has also been featured by FORBES, Huffington Post, YALE, Google Headquarters, QUARTERS and StandUp NY.

Jenn’s mission: To make you laugh so hard you #shift yourself.

    Keynote by Speaker Jenn Lederer


    • Laugh your way to a breakthrough!
    • This 60-minute workshop is PERFECT for CEO’s that want a jolt of inspiration + Leadership STRATEGIES, SALES TEAMS that could use a BOOST (in sales and morale), TEAMWORK workshops that leave you WANTING to collaborate + communicate (imagine that) OH – and you’ll be laughing the entire time.


    Keynote by Speaker Jenn Lederer


    • Jenn’s Motivational Comedy delivers VALUE and LAUGHTER with a jolt of inspiration!
    • Whether you’re looking for a 20-minute set to get your audience ready to ROCK (nothing’s worse than a “dead” room!), a 60-minute Keynote that’ll knock their socks off or an MC for your ALL-DAY Conference, LAUGH ABOUT IT is sure RAISE the vibes at any event!
    • As the saying goes…always leave ‘em laughing…and in this case, MOTIVATED, too! *Content can be customized for your event*


    Keynote by Speaker Jenn Lederer


    • Conversations change the world. Let’s connect.
    • This 90-minute experience is designed to create a space for LEADERS to step up and be SEEN. We begin with the screening of Jenn’s documentary “Just Enough” (30 min), followed by a guided conversation between Jenn and the group that explores the different aspects of Leadership in today’s world.
    • This will EMPOWER you to step into your greatness and show the world; you are Just Enough. WOW your audience with this unique and long-lasting experience that will leave them inspired and uplifted!
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