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David Nihill

Public speaker & entrepreneur
Country: USA

Keynote speaker David Nihill is a professional public speaker and a truly funny guy. He is the man behind the famous book “Do You Talk Funny?” and the founder of FunnyBizz – a service that helps various business people turn their boring content into something humorous and catchy. A keynote with David will be entertaining, memorable and informing.

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David Nihill was born and raised in Dublin, Ireland. He has a passion for language and has lived and worked in 12 countries. He studied international business and has a flair and talent for good entertaining communication. David is a popular speaker, who knows how to make any communication – written or oral – better, funnier and well-received. The last thing anyone wants, is people sleeping while you’re speaking. David knows how to make your communication entertaining while keeping it relevant and professional.

You wouldn’t know it, but David once struggled with public speaking. He tried to overcome his fear by “pretending” to be a professional stand-up comedian, and he started speaking at clubs and other events. According to David, the best public speakers in the world are stand-up comedians, and he learned from the best. Today, David is one of them.

Being a businessman and entrepreneur himself, he knows the struggles some companies can go through when they feel like their communication just isn’t reaching or motivating their audience. You might not think you need to be funny to connect with your crowd, but David has experienced first-hand how a little dose of humor grabs the attention of your audience and in the long-run, you will see results!

    Speaker David Nihill Keynote Topics

    • Speaking to Engage:In this talk David teaches the basic principles of becoming a great public speaker based on his best-selling book “Do You Talk Funny?”. He will teach you the principles and techniques of the world’s best speakers, which will make you stand out in the crowd. You will learn how to deliver a speech with perfect timing and zero flop sweat. Everything will, of course, be presented with a dose of humor.
    • More Funny- More Engagement: This energetic talk will teach you how to apply humor in your marketing and social media. David will teach you what makes something funny and how you translate comedy principles into good business communication. You will leave with the right tools to create more entertaining and inspiring content.
    • How to Be the Host With the Most: Ever wondered why huge events have a comedian as the host? Because they know how to talk, entertain and manage a show! In this talk David will teach you how to get quick laughs, introduce speakers with applause, manage the stage, keep energy levels high and everything in between.
    • The Business of Funny Story: Everyone loves a good story. Everyone loves a funny story. In this talk, David will teach you how to construct and present your own story through comedic techniques that will have your audience laughing and feeling entertained. Whether the story is for your business or personal life, David will know how to make it stand out.  



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