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Insights from a Double World Champion

Mette Bloch

travels from Denmark

Experience the winning mindset of Mette Bloch, a double world champion in rowing and sought-after speaker. Discover how her expertise in motivation and goal attainment can revolutionize your organization.

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Mette Bloch a Double World Champion, Inspirational Speaker, and Author Extraordinaire. Let her contagious humor and powerful insights unleash your true potential, whether you seek professional growth, enhanced communication, or a dash of fun in life. Experience the magic of her engaging delivery style, honed from performing for crowds of up to 1500 people. With six bestselling books and a popular podcast, Mette's wisdom and infectious humor are your keys to inspiration and entertainment.

Why you should book Mette Bloch for your next event

  • As a world champion in rowing and energetic communicator, Mette is a highly sought-after speaker.
  • Mette is an expert on habits and behavior, and how to have more good days without running out of energy.
  • With a lecture from Mette Bloch, you are guaranteed a successful event.

Are you looking for a healthy dose of inspiration, laughter, and courage to propel your personal or professional life to greater heights? Then Mette Bloch, a two-time world champion in rowing and an acclaimed author, keynote speaker, and comedian, is your ticket to transformation.

With numerous accolades under her belt, Mette leverages her extensive experiences and a fierce spirit to inspiring paths for others. She firmly believes that the right attitude, mindset, and a healthy dose of humor can work wonders in achieving your goals and even surpassing them.

What truly sets Mette apart is her unique delivery style. Drawing from her stint as a stand-up comedian, she has performed for audiences as large as 1500 people, her talks are not just motivational but also deeply engaging and wildly entertaining. She knows the power of laughter and uses it to make her audience believe that they can take on the world. Because laughter makes you brave.

Whether you’re a professional striving for better sales results, a team looking to enhance communication, or an individual seeking to set and attain new goals, Mette’s talks will speak to you. Heck, even if you’re someone who just wants to have a little more fun in life, Mette’s got you covered!

Her message is universal – it’s for anyone who dares to improve, to dream, and to succeed.

Mette is also a renowned author of six books and hosts a popular podcast where she interviews Danish celebrities about their life. Her depth of insight, combined with her infectious humor, makes these resources a treasure trove of inspiration and entertainment. So why wait? Book her and give life a real shot! It’s going to be a journey of laughter, courage, and unshakeable determination.

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Keynote by Mette Bloch

Excuse me, are we allowed to laugh here?

..You perform best when you’re having fun. It doesn’t have to be thigh-slapping fun – but you have to be happy…

There is no one who hates to have fun. End of discussion – period!

Everything is better when we are have fun. And no, it doesn’t have to be thigh-slapping fun, but as in we feel entertained and challenged.

What you might not know is that it’s a dial we can turn, in the sense that your work and your life in general can become more boring or more fun, depending on which way you turn the thermostat.

Can you”take trick yourself to better habits”so you don’t fall into the traps that undeniably await when the energy is low at the end of your workday? YES! you can. Learn all this and much more as you get a condensed hour of sharp insights and entertaining facts you’ll be able to use for the rest of your life!

What’s your take-away from the lecture?

You learn shortcuts on how to charge the batteries so that you not only feel better at work, but also when you get home. You will gain insight into how easy it is to change a bad habit, it does not require suffering for several weeks, just small changes that you stick to. The talk is for everyone who wants to perform better privately and at work with easy and proven tools that are fun and easy to implement. Initiatives that you can trace all the way the company’s bottom line and on top of that, more successful relationships with others.

Mette Bloch has given talks on job satisfaction for the largest Danish companies and has been very successful in getting the participants to not only laugh, but also to think about new and more fun ways to go about life. Simple hacks and tricks that can be learned, and it’s not boring to learn how to have a little more fun.

The talk is not for people who like to be bored and have an employer-paid nap…it’s hilarious, and you will be able to recognize yourself in countless of the situations that are described.

Keynote by Mette Bloch

Win on purpose!

..About setting goals, and not least the tools to achieve them…

Why is it so often the same people who are always successful? – why is it so difficult to set inspiring goals? – why is it important to get outside the comfort zone? – how do you plan success? – why are some people good at “training” but can’t perform when it really matters? – why do some people get stressed? – what can you actually learn from elite sports? – is it possible to adapt?

The talk is based on elite sports and gives fun examples of how you can plan and turn hard work into more play and greater success. You’ll get a lot of tools that you can take directly into your organization and use, but you can also take it home and give both yourself and your family more quality and more smiles in everyday life.

What’s the take-away from the talk?

“Win on purpose” is about how you set goals and achieve them! – the focus is putting one foot in front of the other, without getting too out of breath along the way.

The talk is hilarious and you will be able to recognize yourself in a large part of the situations that are described.

It is not “rocket science” and you will most likely nod in recognition to some of the principles you hear about, but from there and then to go home and actually change something, this is where Mette is an expert. No one can motivate you but yourself, but you can be inspired and get the spirit- and then the motivation comes automatically.

Mette starts from her rowing career and talks about what she did from the time she made the decision to become world champion until she became one!

Anyone can learn the techniques, and you’ll get the complete guide, with all the ups and downs that come with it.

The cool thing is that you discover that you can do it too, you don’t have to be a specially selected person to make your dreams come true.
Get the energy back in your life and your organization.

Mette often get’s a pat on the shoulder after a talk and is told that it is “the best stand-up show I’ve been to” – so there is absolutely no doubt that it is funny!

The best part is that she often meets people who heard her more than 10 years ago but still remember the stories. They stick, and in the cool way!

Watch Mette Bloch in action

Fail your way to success | Mette Bloch | TEDxFrederiksberg

See keynotes with Mette Bloch
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