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Torkil Færø

travels from Norway

Doctor, photographer, and bestselling author of 'The Camera Cure' and 'The Pulse Cure.

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Torkil Færø is a highly experienced keynote speaker with years of experience in conveying photography knowledge. He is passionate about empowering individuals to take responsibility for their own lifestyle, enabling them to prevent illness and fulfill their dreams to the fullest extent possible.

Why you should book Torkil Færø for your next event

  • Unlock the power of health, happiness, and performance optimization with Torkil’s expertise in utilizing heart rate monitors and cameras.
  • Benefit from insights derived from over 100,000 patient encounters gathered throughout Torkil’s 25-year career as a physician, ensuring impactful and informed guidance.
  • Master the techniques essential for overcoming challenges and seizing opportunities under the expert tutelage of Torkil, ensuring sustainable growth and success for your organization.

Torkil Færø is a doctor, photographer, adventurer, and author.

It’s difficult to pigeonhole Torkil. He decided early on to do everything in his power to make the most out of life. This has taken him to doctor’s offices across the country, from Kristiansand in the south to Kautokeino in the north, from Askim in the east to Solund in the west. It has also taken him across the seven seas, with his own family on a circumnavigation.

He has traveled to over 80 countries on 5 continents and speaks 8 languages. As a photographer, he has held exhibitions, created photo books, and conducted over 60 photo workshops in 11 countries.

In his quest for how to make the most of life, he has found some keys. These are the ones he now feels responsible for conveying to others. From the vantage point of a doctor, he sees that many people become ill due to poor lifestyle choices and inadequate life management. Instead of treating people after they become ill, he wants to help them prevent illness and improve quality of life. This involves taking responsibility for one’s own health.

Therefore, he has written the self-help books “The Camera Cure” and “The Pulse Cure,” both of which have become bestsellers. “The Camera Cure” is about how to use photography as a method for better life management. “The Pulse Cure” is about how to use heart rate monitors to achieve balance in the autonomic nervous system and achieve good stress balance.

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Keynote by speaker Torkil Færø

The Pulse Cure – Balance stress, optimize health & live longer!

A lecture on how you and your company can use simple heart rate monitors to gain control over your own nervous system and physiology.

The best-selling book Pulskuren has taken Norway by storm and is at the top of the sales lists for more than a year.

In this lecture you will learn to explore your own nervous system and stress balance in a fun, easy-to-understand and engaging way.This is particularly useful for companies that want employees who improve well-being, performance and health.

Well-being and performance are closely linked and in the lecture you and your colleagues will learn how heart rate monitors reveal the energy thieves and discover the sources of excess. And no, it’s not too good to be true!

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Torkil Færø - The Pulse Cure 2

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