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One of The Netherlands' leading stress experts

Suzan Kuijsten

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One of the top innovative thinkers of her time on stress management. Award winning stress sociologist, with lots of energy and with a unique and different perspective on stress.

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A top expert in the field of stress and how to manage it, Suzan has written two bestselling books on the subject and contributes to numerous other forms of media. She's a columnist with different media outlets and a successful keynote speaker, delivering her engaging and refreshing take on stress management to audiences of all shapes and sizes. In 2019, Suzan Kuijsten worked with the International Stress Management Association, serving on the board. Currently, Suzan is the managing director at Charlie Jones Corp which seeks to change the way stress is viewed.

Reasons to Book Suzan Kuijsten

  • As one of the top experts on stress in The Netherlands, what Suzan has to say is at the cutting edge of her field and her work is trusted by professionals across the industry.
  • Offering a different perspective, Suzan’s refreshing voice provides an engaging and informative speech for any keynote audience, ensuring your event goes down well with attendees.
  • Suzan helps to change the way her audiences view stress, allowing them to improve the way they manage their own pressure in life which can have a positive impact on their career too.

Suzan Kuijsten is a rewarded speaker. She gives highly inspiring stress masterclasses and is internationally praised for her innovative view on stress. Suzan is one of the most renowned stress sociologists in the Netherlands and is known for her great knowledge of stress management in the workplace.

Suzan is director of The School of Stress – the training institute where they are committed to give people the most enjoyable stress management training. And organize events such as: the week of stress, the Stresstival and the Dutch Championship of Stress. Previously, Suzan was on the board of the International Stress Management Organization (ISMA) where she worked to tackle the image problem of stress.

Suzan is also the bestselling author of the book Crazy about Stress – but not always, and can regularly be found in the media. Stress is her passion. She has never finished learning about the sublime solutions of our stress system to cope with all the challenges and threats in life. This all-round stress sociologist gives you a different perspective on stress.

She has made a career out of finding the best ways of managing our stress and improving our overall mental well-being in the process. Throughout her career, Suzan has discovered that once you get a good hold of your stress it becomes apparent that the stress itself isn’t the problem; it’s the lack of relaxation and downtime that takes its toll.

A regular contributor across many forms of media, Suzan has developed an online webinar for Wendy Magazine which is dedicated to preventing stress, and has recently become a blogger for Wendy Online too! Between writing columns for Stressplein and Wendy Magazine, among other publications, Suzan has organized the first-ever STRESSTIVAL in The Netherlands, working alongside Professor Scherder and Mark Tuitert for the project. Suzan is a leading expert who knows her field back to front, making her a perfect speaker for any keynote event.

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Keynote topic by Suzan Kuijsten

Crazy about stress

That we are aware of this, we are all major consumers of stress. If we realize that there’s stress, we do everything we can to get rid of it as quickly as possible. Unjustified! Suzan Kuijsten shows that it’s not stress that gets us into trouble, but something else.

This lecture provides a different view on stress, which is full of recognizable examples, anecdotes and humorous video, Suzan shows why it’s always difficult to ‘stop running’. What are the do’s and don’ts of stress and how can you prevent stress complaints? 

Keynote topic by Suzan Kuijsten

Stress prevention

Stress plays an increasingly important role in absenteeism due to illness (70%). Managers are expected to identify unhealthy stress in a timely manner. But what are those stress signals and what is the manager’s role in this? How do you intervene effectively?

In a lecture on stress prevention, Suzan gives tips on how you can best shape this as a management.

Keynote topic by Suzan Kuijsten

Running off your stress

People who suffer from stress often have a hard time getting rid of it. Instead of slowing down, we run even faster to get rid of the stress. Speaker Suzan Kuijsten is the author of the book ‘Hollend van je stress’, the book deals with this theme and has gained great success.

Keynote topic by Suzan Kuijsten

Grip on fear

When you have a burn out, there’s a chance that you will also develop anxiety and panic symptoms. Anxiety and panic symptoms can get in the way of recovery from a burnout. Suzan opts for an approach that ensures that both burnout and fear panic are tackled.

Keynote topic by Suzan Kuijsten

Successful collaboration

When the cooperation not goes well, frustration and stress are involved. This is not only at the expense of job satisfaction, but also performance. Suzan gives workshops that will improve cooperation.

Keynote topic by Suzan Kuijsten

Help! Exam stress

When the period with deadlines and exams arrives, the stress level of many students rises to the top! How do you manage that stress?

In this session Suzan gives students tips on how to gain control over their exam period.

Suzan Kuijsten (in dutch)

See keynotes with Suzan Kuijsten
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