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Performance Anxiety Speakers

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Speakers about performance anxiety (7)

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Rupal Patel

Rupal Patel is a former CIA Intelligence-Officer-turned-serial entrepreneur. Rupal reveals how the techniques of the CIA can help anyone remake the rules of success and become unstoppable.

travels from UK

Rupal Patel is a former CIA analyst turned international speaker and corporate consultant. She is the author of the international best-seller, "From CIA to CEO," which reveals how the techniques of the CIA can help anyone become unstoppable....


Suzan Kuijsten

Stress sociologist who is one of the top innovative thinkers in The Netherlands, discusses stress management, where she offers a unique insight on the subject and provides a different point of view to others.

travels from Netherlands

A top expert in the field of stress and how to manage it, Suzan has written two bestselling books on the subject and contributes to numerous other forms of media. She's a columnist with different media outlets and a successful keynote speaker,...


Dr. Christian Heim

Award-winning Psychiatrist, Music Professor

travels from Australia

Mental health expert Dr. Christian Heim is an award-winning psychiatrist and a music professor. During his 20 years of continuing clinical practice, he has listened to the stories of thousands of people and now openly speaks from a place of...


Dr. Olivia Remes

Dr. Olivia Remes – Cambridge University (UK) Authority on Mental Health; Best-selling Author; Executive and Team Coach; BBC radio personality; Vogue contributor

travels from UK

Dr Olivia Remes is a mental health researcher at the University of Cambridge, bestselling author, executive and team coach, and BBC radio personality. At Cambridge University, she has been Programme Director of Mental Health in the Workplace,...


Melissa Doman, M.A

Organizational Psychologist, Mental Health at Work Specialist, and Former Mental Health Therapist

travels from USA

Speaker Melissa Doman uses her years as a mental health professional to assist a variety of organizations in implementing and becoming aware of the importance of emotional and mental wellness in the workplace. Melissa has designated many years into...


Shola Kaye

Multi award-winning speaker & communication consultant contributing at corporates, universities and schools for more than a decade

travels from UK

Award-winning speaker Shola Kaye is a communication coach and author who helps leaders and teams to step up, speak up and make an impact. Her key areas of expertise include communication for diversity and inclusion, empathy in the workplace and...


Carole Spiers

Leading authority on work stress helping businesses to communicate effectively, build resilience and reduce stress

travels from UK

International motivational speaker and a leading authority on work stress, keynote speaker Carole Spiers delivers a powerful keynote presentation that provides proven cutting-edge stress management interventions to reduce stress symptoms and work...

Performance Anxiety
Performance Anxiety
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About Performance Anxiety

  • Commonly known as stage fright, performance anxiety is the anxiety, fear, or persistent phobia which may be awoken in an individual by the requirement to perform in front of an audience, whether actually or potentially.
  • In some cases stage fright may be a part of a larger pattern of social phobia (social anxiety disorder), but many people experience stage fright without any wider problems.
  • Stage fright may be observed in people of all experiences and backgrounds, from those completely new to being in front of an audience to those who have done so for years. It is commonly known among everyday people and may, for example, affect their confidence in job interviews. It also affects actors, comedians, musicians, and politicians.
  • Keynotes about performance anxiety will often look into the symptoms of performance anxiety and provide actionable tips on how to avoid it.
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