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Mastering Workplace Resilience

Dan Hasson

travels from Sweden

Renowned scientist Dan Hasson empowers organizations with stress management strategies. Elevate your team's well-being and performance.

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Discover the transformative power of Dan Hasson's keynotes. With a wealth of scientific expertise and a proven track record, Dan equips your organization to conquer stress, optimize productivity, and foster a culture of well-being. Elevate your team's potential today!

Why you should book Dan Hasson for your next event

  • Stress Mastery: Gain actionable stress management tools tailored for your team’s success, ensuring enhanced productivity and well-being.
  • Scientific Insights: Unlock Dan’s expertise bridging biology, psychology, and integrative medicine, fostering a culture of holistic health.
  • Leadership in Health Promotion: Align with Dan’s leadership at Karolinska Institutet, gaining unparalleled expertise in promoting well-being within organizations.

In today’s fast-paced corporate world, stress is an all-too-familiar companion. Imagine this: your team, engrossed in a high-pressure project, feeling the weight of deadlines and demands. Now, envision having a guiding light to navigate through these challenges, bringing clarity, resilience, and well-being to your workforce. This is where Keynote Speaker Dan Hasson steps in.

Dan Hasson, a motivational speaker renowned for his groundbreaking work in stress management and health promotion, offers an invaluable resource for organizations striving to empower their teams. With a proven track record spanning prestigious institutions like Karolinska Institutet and collaborative efforts with the esteemed Mayo Clinic, Dan brings unparalleled expertise to your stage.

Book Dan Hasson for your event and unlock a transformative experience. With his innovative web-based interventions, Dan equips your team with practical tools that harmonize work environments, foster resilience, and amplify productivity. From stressors to civility, his multi-disciplinary approach, embracing biology, psychology, and alternative medicine, resonates deeply with today’s diverse challenges.

Dan Hasson’s motivational insights go beyond theory; they’re rooted in the real world. His research delves into the organizational dynamics, addressing stress, incivility, and psychological markers. As a result, his keynotes provide not just motivation, but actionable solutions that catalyze positive change.

When you invite Dan Hasson to your event, you’re offering your team a chance to embrace well-being, performance, and harmony. In a landscape where success hinges on adaptability and holistic growth, Dan’s expertise becomes a catalyst for sustained prosperity. Elevate your organization today by booking Dan Hasson, a keynote speaker whose impact ripples far beyond the stage.

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Keynote by speaker Dan Hasson

Empower Your Organization: Mastering Stress Management

Is stress diminishing your team’s potential? Discover a solution through Dan Hasson’s empowering keynotes. With a proven track record in stress management and health promotion, Dan equips your organization with actionable strategies. From his deep-rooted scientific insights to innovative web-based interventions, he guides your team towards improved well-being and enhanced performance. Say goodbye to productivity slumps and hello to a resilient, thriving workforce. Book Dan Hasson now and unlock a stress-free path to success.


  • Stress do it right! – and achieve a balanced life
  • Humor stress and health – myths and truths
  • New perspectives on stress and healthy organizations
  • Civility at work – do we really need it?
  • Practical communication and crisis management
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Dan explains – The stress muscle

See keynotes with Dan Hasson
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