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Pandit Dasa

Mindful Leadership Expert & Author
Country: USA

Keynote speaker Pandit Dasa is a Mindful Leadership Expert who has spoken at a TEDx conference, SHRM National Convention and has been featured in the NYTimes, Wall Street Journal, Inc. Magazine and writes for the Huffington Post. He has presented to executives of Oracle, Intel, The World Government Summit, UNICEF, The World Bank, JPMorgan Chase and many others on the techniques and science of Mindfulness.

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Pandit Dasa has a deep understanding of resilience, change and great leadership and has helped multiple Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 companies. Before becoming a mindfulness expert, Pandit lived as a monk in New York City for 15 years. It was during this time he developed knowledge of the nature of the mind and meditation. Now he shares his knowledge and tools to corporations and college campuses. His mission is to reduce stress and bring wellness into the workplace. We spend the majority of our life at work, and it should be a joy to be there.

Pandit is the founder and CEO of Conscious Living, LLC, which he started at Columbia University, where he worked and taught students techniques to improve their productivity and gave sessions on meditation. Today, Conscious Living helps big corporations, college campuses and government agencies on the principles of Mindful Leadership and Mindfulness Meditation.

Pandit has constructed workshops and keynotes for many big organizations including Google and the Bank of America. It is important to Pandit that all employees in an organization feel appreciated and not threatened by colleagues. He teaches leaders how to communicate in a mindful manner and contribute to a positive work environment. In the long run, it will lead to greater productivity, less stress and a more harmonious environment for everyone.

Watch speaker Pandit Dasa in action

    Keynote by Speaker Pandit Dasa

    Principles of Mindful Leadership

    • This keynote presents scientific research on mindfulness
    • Learn how mindfulness can be used to create more productive and effective leaders
    • The audience will feel encouraged and motivated to set a good example and “be the change”
    • This presentation encourages the audience to appreciate the contributions of their colleagues and think of the greater good for the company
    • Learn practical tools and techniques to mindful thinking and doing

    Keynote by Speaker Pandit Dasa

    Developing Resilience During Change

    • Change pushes us out of our comfort zone and disrupts our routine.
    • Change is the most powerful thing that can happen to us to help us grow, mature and become stronger.
    • The audience will understand practical ways to develop resilience.
    • Participants will learn techniques to help them adjust their mindset to see change as positive and as an opportunity for growth.

    Keynote by Speaker Pandit Dasa

    A Mindful Approach to Team Building

    • Team-work is impossible without trust
    • In this presentation, Pandit teaches his audience how to communicate effectively and openly in teams, so no one is left in the dark
    • Learn how to empathise with your team members and work together
    • Mindfulness can help everyone connect and build strong bonds

    Keynote by Speaker Pandit Dasa

    Keys to Unlocking and Unleashing the Power of Your Mind

    • The mind can control our emotional and physical health and is the cause of all our fears and anxieties
    • Learn how to strengthen the mind and nourish its needs
    • Develop the self-confidence you need to accomplish your goals and tasks
    • Limit negativity and fears through the power of your mind

    Keynote by Speaker Pandit Dasa

    Stress Management for Work-Life Balance

    • This keynote will present the factors in our life that can cause stress
    • Learn the symptoms to stress and how to minimize the risk of becoming stressed
    • The audience will learn simple breathing techniques that will nourish the mind and lead to increased focus and productivity
    • The latest in mindfulness research will be presented.

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