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In Chaos and Confusion, Purpose is Your North Star

Brandon Peele

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Best-selling author and serial impact entrepreneur guides your team to awaken its purpose and thrive.

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Organizations are struggling with employee retention, missed performance and DEI goals, and cultures of burnout, languishing, and isolation. It is clear that new approaches are needed to create a thriving organization. International keynote speaker, best-selling author, and CEO of Unity Lab, Brandon Peele, presents the latest research, best practices, and engaging stories to reveal a new furture of work, one centered in employee purpose and belonging.

Why book speaker Brandon Peele?

  • Organizations rave about the impact that Brandon’s keynotes and programs have on employee engagement (4x), retention (+7.4 months), and producticity (+175%).
  • Participants leave Brandon’s keynotes inspired by the power of purpose and excited to activate a purpose-driven career, yielding a 333% increase in organizational commitment and a 538 increase in resilience.
  • Leaders trust Brandon to illuminate the power of purpose, as he has spent the last decade as a co-leader of the purpose movement. He has written 3 best-selling books, “Purpose Work Nation”, “The Purpose Field guide” and “Planet on Purpose”, serves on the Council of the Global Purpose Leaders, an international community of purpose practitioners, and has worked with dozens of companies such as LinkedIn, Google, Johnson & Johnson, and Morgan Stanley.

If you want to electrify your orgnization or event with a passionate expert and inspiring speaker, look no further!

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Keynote by speaker Brandon Peele

The Key to Retaining Employees is Purpose

According to a recent McKinsey & Co. study, 89% of employees want purpose-driven work, but only 15% think it is possible at their company. The resulting “purpose gap” is one of the key drivers of the Great Reshuffle. Unfortunately, traditional approaches to creating a mission-driven culture, such as values-driven performance reviews and trumpetting the company’s mission and values at all-hands meetings, on walls and websites, do not work.

Today’s employees need to find a sense of personal purpose and fulfillment at work in order to find their unique connection to their organization’s mission and values. Brandon will share the latest research and best practices for activating a purpose-driven organization, resulting in a 175% increase in employee productivity, a 7.4 month increase in tenure, and 333% increase in organizational commitment.

Keynote by speaker Brandon Peele

The Missing Element in DEI: Purpose

Most DEI strategies don’t work. A Harvard Business Review study of 800 organizations over the last 20 years showed that the DEI field as a whole has produced neutral to negative outcomes. This occurs for two reasons:

  • 1. Reliance on one-time trainings, resulting in 90% of the information being forgotten within 7 days and a regression to biased behaviors within 24 hours, and
  • 2. The lack of employee purpose activation which produces numerous lasting inclusive behaviors, such as compassion, curiosity, generosity, and other-centeredness, and a 4x reduction in anxiety in diverse environments.

Brandon will share the latest research and best practices for creating sustainable DEI progress, resulting in over ¾ of participants creating new daily habits and 96% of participants experiencing empathy from their diverse peers.

Keynote by speaker Brandon Peele

Purpose and Belonging are the Heart and Lungs of Employee Wellness

Burnout, languishing, isolation, and presenteeism are plaguing workplaces. Unfortunately, most employee wellness approaches feature apps, intranet tips and incentives for healthy behavior, resulting in only 24% of employees using such programs. Wellness must be re-envisioned from the inside-out and be centered in employee purpose and belonging.

Brandon will share the latest research and best practices for building an award-winning wellness program, resulting in 7+ years of longevity, 32% fewer doctors visits, 9.5 fewer days of PTO per employee per year, a 64% increase in fulfillment and 538% increase in resilience.

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The Transformative Power of Purpose

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​Brandon’s session exceeded expectations on all levels. Our event was a resounding success, and we received glowing feedback from our attendees. I highly recommend Brandon to anyone looking for a dynamic and engaging facilitator to help guide sharing, connecting, and self-discovery. He is truly an amazing, positive, inspiring human, and an absolute pleasure to work with.

Alexandra Davis

Morgan Stanley

As a purpose-driven organization, it left us all with a deeper understanding of our individual purpose, made us think about how we enhance our connection to each other and how we develop new skills to move forward with purpose. I was particularly charged by your closing, as it filled us with renewed passion to collaborate purposefully... Thank you, Brandon - you provided tremendous inspiration to our group.

Aaron Kowalski


Brandon is one of the great thinkers of our time!

Gabrielle Bloche

CEO CelerPurus

Brandon was a hit at our hospital! He came and led an interactive and engaging workshop. Brandon’s energy was amazing! He was comfortable, authentic, and powerful. The workshop was equal parts research and heart. I truly feel that our residents got a lot out of his workshop. I would have Brandon back in a heartbeat!

Gina Rappaport

Alameda Health System
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