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Brandon Peele

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Purpose guide who can help you unleash the power of purpose to create a fulfilled, high-performance career and team

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Purpose guide and keynote speaker Brandon Peele awakens purpose-driven leadership and enables leaders and teams to create profitable high-impact businesses. If you want to achieve prosperity and authentic leadership, Brandon Peele is the speaker for you!

Why book speaker Brandon Peele?

  • He illuminates the ROI of purpose activation for leaders and teams. He empowers audiences to discover new aspects of their purpose and how to bring it to work.Speaker Brandon Peele gets in touch with audience members’ more profound call of life. Brandon demonstrates how the act of “finding your purpose” influences your life and daily habits in the most powerful of ways.
  • He demonstrates a new way of thinking. Brandon illuminates the leading science and research on purpose at work. He provides studies and positive thoughts behind his keynotes. He allows audience members to self-reflect and identify what calls to them,and how to enhance that calling.
  • He provides clarity. Brandon creates the foundation for it all, not only does Brandon provides clarity and liberation; he creates an experience. He takes audience members on a journey in his keynotes to self-identify themselves.

“When we are living our purpose, we bring our full self to work and authentically craft our legacy” – Speaker Brandon Peele.

Keynote speaker, best-selling author and Vice President of People Science at ion Learning, Brandon Peele empowers organizations to create purpose-led and inclusive cultures. Flourishing organizations realize $9.1k in productivity per employee per year and have tenures that are 7.4 months longer than average! If you want your organization to succeed and prosper, Brandon Peele is the speaker for you. The key to a high-performance, a flourishing organization, is activating purpose at scale. As an inspiring and passionate speaker, Brandon Peele is committed to empowering every organization to excel. Imagine living your purpose, bringing it to work, and being part of a team that also purpose-activated? When you live with purpose, you are a more effective leader (+64%), more productive (5x), more engaged (4x) at work. Plus, you’ll have more fulfilling relationships at work (+50%) and add several years to your life!

Brandon Peele has guided thousands of people from over 50 countries to find, live, and lead with their life’s purpose. In addition to his extensive practical experience, his best-selling books, he has worked with leaders and teams from organizations such as Apple, The Smithsonian Institute, Google, the Environmental Protection Agency, LinkedIn, Blue Shield of California, Johnson & Johnson, Morgan Stanley, and eBay. He has also taught at Stanford University, the University of California, Berkeley, Northern Arizona University, The Institute of Noetic Sciences and the California College of the Arts.

If you want to electrify your organization or event with a passionate and inspiring speaker, and reach the next level in performance and flourishing, look no further!

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Key note by speaker Brandon Peele

Unlocking Your Purpose as a Leader

Without purpose, there is no leadership, only management. In this keynote designed for company leadership, executives will discover:

  • Research that correlates purpose-driven leadership with operational ($9.1k pp/yr)
  • Financial performance (outperform the S&P 15:1),
  • How doing short exercises reveal new aspects of your purpose as a leader.

Executives will see how aligning individual and collective purpose is the key to employee engagement and financial performance. Getting connected to a new aspect of their purpose, and a pathway to accelerate their leadership.

Keynote by speaker Brandon Peele

America, the Flourishing

In this talk, speaker Brandon Peele busts the myth that America is working for the people (97% unhealthy, 78% paycheck to paycheck, 75% in debt, 66% unfulfilled), and reveals the path forward to create a flourishing country, by activating purposeful organizations.

  • Employees will learn the highest ROI in their careers and the easiest way to succeed
  • Discovering their higher purpose.
  • Participants will also do a short exercise to get more deeply connected to their higher purpose, so they can take immediate actions to start flourishing in their lives, careers, and communities.
Keynote by speaker Brandon Peele

The Heart of High-Performance Sales

People do business with people they like, as the old adage goes. Speaker Brandon Peele explains the thoughts behind this theory and also:

  • Guiding sales teams into a personal connection to their higher purpose, so they can better serve their customers and achieve their goals.
  • New purpose-driven sales strategy
  • Empowered to develop purpose-aligned, long-term relationships.
    Getting in touch with yourself with speaker Brandon Peele

    Catch him in action!

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    ​"Brandon’s session exceeded expectations on all levels. Our event was a resounding success, and we received glowing feedback from our attendees. I highly recommend Brandon to anyone looking for a dynamic and engaging facilitator to help guide sharing, connecting, and self-discovery. He is truly an amazing, positive, inspiring human, and an absolute pleasure to work with.

    Alexandra Davis

    Morgan Stanley

    ..purpose... will probably add more value to our companies in the long term because those things excite us and make us who we are. The session allowed us to give serious thought to this matter. It was facilitated by Brandon who eased any tension and allowed us to share our thoughts without any fear.

    John Bond

    Jumio Corporation

    Brandon led the attendees through a visualization process that had them rapt in conversation for more than an hour after. His care and connection to the audience allowed everyone to step into the activity fully. Thank you Brandon!

    Kim Han

    Consciousness Hacking

    "Brandon was a hit at our hospital! He came and led an interactive and engaging workshop. Brandon’s energy was amazing! He was comfortable, authentic, and powerful. The workshop was equal parts research and heart. I truly feel that our residents got a lot out of his workshop. I would have Brandon back in a heartbeat!"

    Gina Rapaport

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