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Hector Monsegur

travels from USA

Director of a Cybersecurity Company, Security Researcher, and Former Blackhat helping the FBI through hacking experience.

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Keynote speaker Hector Monsegur, perhaps better known by the online pseudonym Sabu, has been through a lot to get to where he is today. Hector is a former hacker for Anonymous and leader for LulzSec. Today, he has turned his life around and “Sabu” no longer exists.

Keynote speaker Hector Monsegur had a difficult childhood and grew up around poverty and drugs. His mother left him when he was little, and through computers he found a way to escape from his surroundings. As “Sabu” he was part of Operation Tunisia which is said to have started the Arab Spring. After hacking governments, News Corp and huge security firms, the FBI found him and gave him an ultimatum. Either they were going to take his two little nieces away from him or he was going to collaborate with them. Hector chose his family and gave the FBI access to his world, marking the end of his outlawed hacking career.

Today, speaker Hector Monsegur works with credit card companies and networks of major retailers and finds their cyber security vulnerability. While he no longer works as a illicit hacker, he is probably still one of the best hackers in the world. Determined to utilize his talent, Hector Monsegur is now the director of Assessment Services at Rhino Security Labs while also working on a film and book about his life.

Speaker Hector Monsegur has had an extraordinary life so far, and he is a true inspiration and proof that you can change your life. His keynotes are unique and there truly is no one quite like him.

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    Keynote by Speaker Hector Monsegur 

    From High School dropout to Hacker to FBI asset

    • Autobiographical lecture
    • 6 months of high school, 8 months as asset, 20 years hacking
    • Why I was called the defacto head of Anonymous: Hint: Wired/Vice/ARS Technica
    • Indictments for PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, Federal contractors, Tunisia, Algeria, Zimbabwe, FBI Non Profits, Bethesda (Gaming Company), Nintendo, US Senate, PBS/Frontline
    • A walk through what a FBI Indictment looks like, and what to do when you get yours.
    • Bringing dictatorships to its knees and fueling The Arab Spring
    • My definition of an “informant” ain’t your definition
    • From Black Hat to White Black: My life today


    Keynote by Speaker Hector Monsegur 

    The Hackers Manifesto: The A-Z on hacking.

    • History of hacking
    • What makes hacking appealing to people
    • Choosing targets
    • Hacktavisim: Hacking for a good cause
    • Infamy: I’m not a geek, dude.
    • Wikileaks and Anonymous
    • Spying on those who spy on you: State Sponsored Hacking
    • Greatest hacks and how they were done: Sony, Tunisia, Visa/MasterCard, US Government, and the ones you never heard of.
    • How hacking tools work: Hackers Hardware and software


    Keynote by Speaker Hector Monsegur 

    The history of hacking

    • Told through the top 10 hacks done to date
Hector Monsegur - video

Experience Over Certification - Hector Monsegur

Watch speaker Hector Monsegur in action:

See keynotes with Hector Monsegur
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