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Josh Klein

Professional Hacker
Country: USA

Hacking is often associated with something negative. Keynote speaker Joshua Klein successfully emphasizes the positive definition and outcomes of hacking. By taking apart and redesigning systems, hardware, instutions, etc he shows how hacking can be used to re-use or redesign a system to create new and surperior results and opportunities. Hacking can actually help your organization.

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“Josh Klein is the quintessential hacker – a cross-disciplinary, pattern recognizing polymath who takes his greatest joy from combining the unexpected and seeing the result work in new and better ways.”

Josh Klein can be classified as a passionate hacker of all things. He examines systems, then he takes them apart, and finally he puts different pieces together to produce something new and more effective. He hacks everything. His list includes social systems, consumer hardware, computer networks, institutions, animal behavior, and many more. Klein has learnt that the greatest innovations come from rethinking ordinary situations or hacking- a do-it-yourself movement with roots inside the engineering community.

Understanding the definition of a hacker is important. A hacker is someone who is willing to take a system apart to create new opportunities. A “hack” in the traditional engineering sense is a clever re-use of technology or systems to achieve a superior result. It is increasingly becoming the most common means of innovation available to any organization or individual. Join Joshua Klein as he explains how hacking allows success everywhere, for anyone – from the tooth fairy to the publishing industry – and how we as hackers can herald global improvements by being exactly who we are.

    Keynote by Speaker Josh Klein

    Lulz to Larceny: A How To Guide to Self-Defence in a New Media World

    • Anonymous. Black Hat Hackers. Facebook Stalkers. Learn about the very latest in hacking tools and attack methodologies, from a corporate and personal perspective, as well as what to do to defend against them.


    Keynote by Speaker Josh Klein

    How Everyone Can Innovate: From the Tooth Fairy to Television

    • Innovation is something anyone can do – it’s what we were born for. Hear several different examples of how thinking outside the box resulted in unprecedented success – and how you can enjoy the same.


    Keynote by Speaker Josh Klein

    Meritocratic Marketplaces; The secret side to the megatrends you thought you understood

    • “Transparency,” “Big Data,” “The Cloud”: we’ve all heard the buzzwords, but what do they *mean*? The answer turns out to be both more and less than you’d think. Come discover how common opinion has shortsighted the impact and opportunity of the biggest trends we’ve all misunderstood.


    Keynote by Speaker Josh Klein

    Hacking Work; How Work is Broken and How We Can Fix It – From the Bottom Up

    • We all know that big bureaucracies are struggling to keep up with the pace of change. Turn one of your biggest costs – frustrated employees – into one of your biggest assets. (Based on my recent book.)


    Keynote by Speaker Josh Klein

    Synanthropy; How parasitic species can be coopted to beneficial systems

    • Rats, cockroaches, deer, crows – all of these species are hyperadapted to living with humanity (synanthropes), and yet we persist in trying to eradicate them. It turns out that with a little ingenuity we can make them productive elements of human society, instead. Find out how as we explore synanthropy.
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