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Insights on how schools stand tall through challenges

Steven Bollar

travels from USA

Educational Thought Leader and Motivational Speaker on a mission to improve educational environments.

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Keynote speaker Steve Bollar, also known as Stand Tall Steve, is a former principal, expert on school culture and former superintendent of schools. Steve is known for his dynamic keynotes, creative thinking and funny personality. He has one mission: to improve school culture and climate for students and staff.

Why you should book Speaker Steve Bollar

  • Having been a teacher, principle and superintendent, speaker Steve can relate to both difficulties and progression alike.  With this experience, he’s able to optimize your growth in each area as it relates to your field.
  • Steve has “Ideas, Ideas, Ideas”, hhe creates a environment for both students and faculty to thrive in a educational setting.  He shares new ideas and habits for a positive, growing school culture.  He too shows you how to start and maintain your own developing school environment.
  • Not only does Bollar initiate ideas for students, but also those readily involved with the students, faculty.  He expounds on creating a environment for all areas of faculty as it relates to growth and empowerment. Bollar constructs the act of unionship for progression.

Speaker Steve Bollar has more than 23 years’ experience in the school system from teacher to principal to superintendent. He has experienced first-hand how important a good and healthy school culture is for students and staff alike. Steve Bollar is also the author of the well-praised book “Ideas, Ideas, Ideas!” which has helped schools and organizations improve their culture. Steve is also a member of the Jostens Renaissance Hall of Fame which is a program that focuses on recognizing students and staff while developing a positive school culture.

As school principal, Steve has proved his talent and reached milestones for multiple schools. In 2014, he was awarded the Burlington County Principals and Supervisors Association Visionary Leadership Award. In 2011 Steve was recognized by South Jersey Magazine as South Jersey’s top 20 Men of the Year. Steve is known for his innovative and creative thinking to problem-solving and as a leader, he has showed how to motivate and inspire his team.

As a speaker Steve Bollar is dynamic, motivational and engaging. He uses real-life stories with strategies and ideas that have worked and will work for you. His diverse professional experience allows him to handle problems and challenges from different perspectives and come up with the best solutions. Steve impresses every audience and continues to improve school culture all over North America. If you want a school or workplace where staff, teams, employees and students thrive, grow and succeed Steve Bollar is the speaker for you.

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Keynote by Speaker Steve Bollar

Standing Tall Through It All

Challenges can either force you to step up your game or they can stop you in your tracks. Steve will show you how to overcome challenges in your organization and come out bigger, better, and more motivated than ever. In this session, you’ll discover:

  • How to maintain the focus needed to get great results… even when chaos and challenge surrounds you!
  • How you can increase productivity no matter what is happening or how overwhelmed you are.
  • How to repair broken relationships that keep you from success – and how to prevent relationship breakdown from stalling your progress ever again!
Keynote by Speaker Steve Bollar

Stand Tall Leadership

Developing your leaders is more than a simple promotion – you have to help them manage effectively, inspire your organization to follow them, and communicate effectively at all times.

In this presentation, Steve will show you:

  • How to empower your leaders to make crucial decisions and strengthen them to make those decisions easily (which means more will get done with less struggle!)
  • How to help your leaders connect with staff and understand their needs so they can be effective… because if a leader has no followers, are they really leading?
  • How to treat your superstar employees & leaders to keep them right where they are (with you!) and not lose them to other opportunities.
Keynote by Speaker Steve Bollar

Thoughtful Teacher Classroom Management

A teacher’s ability to effectively manage student behavior is arguably the most important indicator of the short and long term success of a teacher. The challenge with teaching teachers to effectively manage their students’ behaviors is that teachers tend not to understand the impact or reaction caused by their own actions. They tend to struggle with creating a comprehensive repertoire of management strategies.

In this keynote you will learn:

  • How to make meaningful connections with students that lead to a sense of respect from the students to the teachers.
  • How to direct and not ask within the daily lessons and activities within the classroom (which improves confidence of the teacher).
  • How to properly follow up on negative behaviors and properly recognize positive behaviors in order to create a sensible balance within the classroom.
Keynote by Speaker Steve Bollar

Ideas, Ideas, Ideas!

Creating change doesn’t have to be costly or complicated – in fact, this most popular keynote is chock-full of ways to create massive change in your school withOUT spending a lot or planning huge initiatives.

Based on Steve’s popular book of the same title, this session will show you:

  • How to rejuvenate the climate and culture in your school while being creative, unique, and fun. This will show your students first-hand how to use their imaginations to problem solve!
  • Ideas that can be implemented RIGHT AWAY to improve the morale, culture and climate in your school.
  • How to change your thinking when it comes to recognition, reinforcement and results. You don’t have to settle for boring old awards anymore! You can inspire your staff through creative rewards that make a real change in your school!
Watch Steve Bollar in action!

Why Not Me? | Steven A. Bollar | TEDxLehighRiver

Watch Steve Bollar in action!

Stand Tall - Steve Bollar

Watch Steve Bollar in action!

Speaking Engagement In Different Schools | Extraordinary Experiences

See keynotes with Steven Bollar


Very professional, educated and entertaining! Everyone I talked to had nothing but positive things to say about Stand Tall Steve! We all really enjoyed having him as our keynote speaker! Highly recommend.

N. Anderson

Teacher| Somerville School District

Steve offered a fresh perspective on concepts that are integral to the human experience, yet rarely focused on. His style of using personal anecdotes helps the audience connect with the material. Overall, it was genuine, entertaining, and applicable.

K. Deluca

School Counselor| Millville Public Schools

I loved how Steve connected with the students on a very real level. I think the students felt like they could relate to Steve's story. His message that it's important to show your confidence even when your clothes don't fit, was a good way to convey the idea of self confidence in a way that all of the students could understand. I also found the way that the entire school, staff and students, cheered each other had some time to bond was a powerful component of the assembly.

Teale Carroll

Teacher| Lakeside Middle School

Honestly, EVERY WORD YOU SHARED- my regret is that I had taken MORE than the 6 and half pages of notes that I did take....

Yvonne Wilkinson

Admin| Glasgow Preschool Academy
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