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Paul Hughes

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Reenergise your team. Spark innovation. Transform your culture. Grow your people & profit with speaker Paul Hughes

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Growth expert and keynote speaker Paul Hughes is captivating audiences all over the world. With his unique storytelling style, he offers genuinely outstanding presentations to encourage growth and inspire people to action. For over 25 years now, Paul has been working successfully with top companies like Coca-Cola and T-Mobile: his informative and innovative keynotes are the key to get the desired results.

Why you should book speaker Paul Hughes

  • Paul’s presenting style is something you have never seen before: he is drawing live as he speaks along a ten-metre paper. His Ten Meters of Thinking performance is guaranteed to fascinate, motivate and captivate all audiences!
  • His experience in Business Growth is tremendous: he has been working closely with top companies for more than 25 years. Booking Paul will get you one of the best Growth experts in the world.

Coming from a great tradition of Irish storytelling, speaker Paul Hughes offers extraordinary keynotes: his unique presentation style of drawing along ten meters of paper while speaking earned him a reputation among the most inspiring speakers. Audiences are all captivated and fascinated with Paul’s Ten Meters of Thinking which he performs with humour, clarity and simplicity. 

From his home in Amsterdam, speaker Paul Hughes travels all over the world to impact organisations in all industries. Over 25 years, Paul has worked closely with top businesses such as Coca-Cola, IKEA, Lego, 3M and many more. Moreover, he also consulted with The Vatican and moderated discussions at G7.

As a speaker Paul Hughes is the ultimate Growth expert: it is the natural force in every business. In his keynotes, Paul draws a comparison between the patterns of growth in nature and the business world. To provide a solid framework to the talks, Paul uses his Trilogy of Growth: Leadership, Innovation and Branding. In fact, all outstanding businesses need a leader who can empower their people, a culture of innovation and a brand with a compelling story – as the paramount Business Growth expert, Paul has the key to transform your organisation!

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Keynote by speaker Paul Hughes

The Dynamics of Growth

  • Speaker Paul Hughes designed this keynote to show you the Patterns, Practices and Principles of the most successful businesses in the world. First of all, you need to find the Growth patterns in nature and how they are reflected in prosperous businesses. Secondly, you have to embrace the Principles which are the most relevant for your organisation. Thirdly, all you need to do is put these Principles into work in your daily operations.
Keynote by speaker Paul Hughes

Mastering Growth

  • There are universal principles to growth: every organisation can follow this. However, to be successful, a business must use principles according to their own needs. Paul offers this keynote to help you understand what is your type of growth and style of growth – helping you to master growth within your organisation!
Keynote by speaker Paul Hughes

The Trilogy of Growth: Leadership, Innovation & Branding

  • An essential requirement of growth in any organisation is clear leadership, a compelling brand and a culture of innovation. In this keynote, speaker Paul Hughes outlines his Trilogy of Growth and show you how you can use it to maximise the growth of your people and profit. Take your organisation to the next level by mastering Leadership, Innovation and Branding!
Keynote by speaker Paul Hughes

Creating a Culture of Growth

  •  What is a culture? As a matter of fact, nothing more than a collection of individual mindsets. For this reason, to create a new culture, you need to create new mindsets first. Speaker Paul Hughes can help you with this: in this presentation, he will share his knowledge that he collected from thousands of companies. Moreover, drawing from his meetings and interviews with successful people such as Al Pacino, Paul is going to show you the key mind-shifts required to create a Culture of Growth. 
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Paul Hughes - Branded Growth: the power of relationships, conversations and futures

Watch Paul’s inspiring keynote speech on the power of relationships, conversations & futures!

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