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Neurology's Mind-Blowing Insights

Dr. Steven Laureys

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Elevate your event with Dr. Steven Laureys, the award-winning brain scientist. Explore the power of the mind and meditation with a world-renowned neurologist.

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Unlock the potential of the human mind with Dr. Steven Laureys, an award-winning brain scientist, and renowned neurologist. With over 25 years of groundbreaking research, he delves deep into consciousness, meditation, and more using cutting-edge technologies. From astronauts to entrepreneurs, his expertise spans diverse horizons. With 540+ scientific papers and international bestsellers, he's a trusted authority. Dr. Laureys, a TEDx speaker and media sensation, brings a science-backed approach, free from empty promises. Elevate your event with his transformative insights.

Why you should book Dr. Steven Laureys for your next event:

  • From exploring meditation, sleep, and near-death experiences to assessing consciousness, Dr. Laureys’ diverse research achievements enrich your event with multifaceted knowledge and tools.
  • Dr. Laureys’ extensive media coverage in TIME magazine, the New York Times, FORBES, the Guardian, BBC, CNN, and National Geographic attests to his credibility and attracts your audience.
  • Benefit from over 25 years of pioneering research by a world-renowned neurologist. Dr. Laureys brings cutting-edge insights into the power of the mind.

Professor Dr. Steven Laureys, MD Ph.D. FEAN is the founding director of the “GIGA Consciousness Research Unit” of the University of Liège in Belgium and a professor at CERVO Brain Research Centre, Laval University, Canada. He explores the human mind in health and disease using the latest brain scans and wearable technologies: meditation, near-death experiences, concussion, coma, anesthesia, hypnosis, trance, and dreamlike states.

Dr.  Laureys is a former president of the Association for the Scientific Study of Consciousness and founder of the World Federation of Neurology Research Group on disorders of consciousness. Since 2012 Dr. Laureys has been the Research Director at the Belgian National Fund for Scientific Research. He has authored the international bestseller “The no-nonsense meditation book“, translated in over ten languages.

He is appreciated for his entertaining, dynamic, and interactive keynotes, where he makes accessible the difficult concepts of the brain’s workings, and he builds bridges between the latest neuroscientific insights and their application to the workplace. As a top-neurologist, he applies neuroscience to the business practice, including neuro-economics (human decision making), neuro-ergonomics (work performance and wellbeing at work), creativity, teamwork & leadership (empathy, compassion, stress).

He has received numerous awards including from the Society of Cognitive Neuroscience, Mind Science Foundation, Max Planck Society, Association for the Scientific Study of Consciousness, and the European Academy of Sciences and was elected Commander in the Order of Leopold and fellow of the Royal Academy of Medicine of Belgium and the European Academy of Neurology.

Dr. Steven Laureys, renowned motivational speaker, offers a unique perspective that can transform the way your organization thinks, acts, and achieves. His expertise in unlocking the mysteries of the human mind isn’t just academic; it’s profoundly practical.

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Keynote from Steven Laureys

The power of the mind & meditation

Meditation could retune our brains and help us cope with the long-term effects of the pandemic. People in search of an introduction to mindfulness that’s free of woo-woo promises should look no further. Rigorously researched and deeply illuminating, world-leading neurologist Dr. Steven Laureys works with celebrated meditators (such as Matthieu Ricard, translator of the Dalia Lama) to scientifically prove the positive impact meditation has on our brains.

In this keynote:

  • Steven explores the effect of meditation on the brain, using hard science to explain the benefits of a practice that was once thought of as purely spiritual. The result is a highly accessible, scientifically questioning guide to meditation, designed to open the practice to a broader audience.
  • He uses mix of fascinating science, inspiring anecdote and practical exercises, this keynote offers thoroughly researched evidence that meditation can have a positive impact on all our lives.
Stimulating the damaged brain

Dr. Steven Laureys at TEDxUNamur

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Dr Steven Laureys combines scientific research with hands-on exercises and testimonials. He is an extra-ordinary guide in the discovery of the wonderful world of our brain. Steven illustrates the power of meditation on our mind through diverse evidence-based stories that convince the most doubtful. Rooted in real life, he offers a path to everybody to experience it. His passion and longtime dedication to this field make him an enthusiastic and convincing speaker. Highly recommended.

Camille Gillon

Belfius Bank & Insurance

Steven is a world-class speaker with the rare ability to grab people's attention and keeping them engaged. His remarkable talent and skill are self-evident. And did he deliver! Not only was he selected as the best out of ten speakers, his high-energy presentation was also well-crafted, thought provoking and exceeded our expectations. I have never seen anyone deliver such a powerful speech around this fascinating topic. His message will impact you in ways you would never have expected and motivate you to start practicing mindfulness in several areas of your life. I highly recommend Steven as a speaker for your next event.

Jonathan Bossaer

Positively Alive

Passionate & beautifully connected with the message. We were very happy with the inspiring keynote.

Jen Bertels

Mindfulness Association

Professor Laureys is a phenomenal speaker eager to share his scientific insights to help all of us to find happiness. He makes it a mission to debunk misguided views while sharing the latest insights on neurology and mindfulness in clear language. He engages with the audience using a variety of tools.

Reinout De Bock

International Monetary Fund

Steven is a passionate speaker who can easily captivate an audience with his stories. We asked him to speak at our big outdoor science festival and the place was packed during his presentation. Rightly so! The audience came out of his presentation enthusiastic and full of energy.

Toon Verlinden

Sound of Science

We can highly recommend prof Laureys for your next event - no matter what kind of experience level the audience has. Steven is an electrifying speaker. His passion for the subject is taking the audience smoothly into the secret world of human consciousness. In just one hour, attendees gain a fresh perspective on the topic. Many attendees have requested printed text or presentations from Prof Laureys’ keynote speeches - more than for any other speaker. His presentations are packed with illuminating anecdotes, surprising paradoxes, telling statistics, and a refreshing dose of good humor.

Sarah Perneel

Arseus Medical

Steven Laureys is passionate about meditation and the benefits it has on anyone’s daily life, and he knows how to grab your attention and engage an audience when talking about it. I say ‘anyone’s’ here as Laureys can literally inspire anyone with his very clear, knowledgeable, and approachable presentations on how meditation works in your brain and what effect it has. We booked him for two events with different target groups, and he easily got everyone enthusiastic on and marveled about the effects of meditation. You want to try out meditation after his presentation, even if you’re not into it.

Sanne Helbers

Studium Generale at Delft University

Steven has a unique combination of skills. He is a world-class researcher, a renowned neurologist, and a talented speaker. His lectures shed light on one of humanity's most complex and fascinating questions, consciousness.

Laurent Hermoye


With his impressive background and unique persuasiveness, dr. Steven Laureys delivers a message with potentially life-changing impact. Why cling on to old ideas about mind-body separation, when so much is known about our brain and the positive effects of meditation and altruism? This speaker brings stories first-hand and evidence-based in a balanced and natural style, captivating your attention for every single minute. Totally recommended!

Wouter Rogiest

LM Plus, health insurance fund

Dr. Steven Laureys' enthusiasm for the field of neuroscience is palpable. Steven condenses years of research into digestible, enjoyable and practical forms that opens the door into the science of meditation and the effects of music on the brain. I believe this comes from a personal investment in improving the lives of people.

Milagro Elstak, Entrée

Amsterdam Concert Hall

Professor Steven Laureys is without a doubt the most dynamic, entertaining, and engaging presenter I have ever had the pleasure to watch. From the moment he took the stage, his audience completely captivated. Best of all, he delivered valuable, important insights and ideas. He delivered – totally. He was dynamic and had a contagious enthusiasm that delivered ah-ha moments across the board; everyone walked away with something. Also, he was gracious enough to answer questions and provide feedback – even after the conference. Professor Steven Laureys is not just a speaker; he’s an experience

Katrien Geeraerts

Keep Breathing
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